New Details About The Billionaire Couple Found Dead — And Why Their Kids Don't Believe It Was Murder-Suicide

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Both Barry Sherman and Honey Sherman died from strangulation.

A billionaire Canadian couple known for their philanthropic efforts were found dead in their Toronto home Friday. After an autopsy report revealed that both Barry Sherman, 75 and Honey Sherman died of strangulation with material, police announced they're treating their deaths as "suspicious."

The couple's bodies were found by their real estate agent, who had been trying to sell the property. Police say there were no signs of forced entry. 

A source from the Toronto Police Department told the Canadian media that their bodies were located near the pool, located in the basement of the house. They were found hanging from a railing that surrounds the lap pool.

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Barry Sherman was one of Canada's richest men. He founded the pharmaceutical giant Apotex. He was involved in a legal dispute with some of his family members who were seeking a stake in Apotex and believed they had been cheated. A judge threw out their claim this year. 

He was also under investigation for reportedly improperly holding a fundraiser for Justin Trudeau before he became prime minister. 

Honey Sherman was on the board for several hospitals, charities, and Jewish organizations. Together, they had four children and gave millions of dollars to charity. 

While police have yet to comment on any official theories, reports from police "sources" claimed the case was being investigated as a murder-suicide. This angered their close family members, seeing as how their children only found out about their parents' death through social media. 

The family released the following statement: 

"Our parents shared an enthusiasm for life and commitment to their family and community totally inconsistent with the rumours regrettably circulated in the media as to the circumstances surrounding their deaths," it read. "We are shocked and think it's irresponsible that police sources have reportedly advised the media of a theory which neither their family, their friends nor their colleagues believe to be true."

Police said earlier that they were not looking for any suspects. 

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However, sources "close to the case" believe Honey Sherman may have been killed in a secondary location and moved to the $6.9-million dollar home where she was found next to her husband. 

“Forensics need to be done and post-mortems on the bodies, but at this stage it appears there was no forced entry and no evidence of anybody else in the house,” the source told the Toronto Sun.

A suicide note wasn't found, but detectives were reviewing the home's video surveillance system.

While their deaths still remain a mystery, friends, family, and colleagues of the couple have been remembering Barry and Honey Sherman on social media. 

"Two weeks ago it gave me immense joy to present a Senate medal to one of the kindest and most beloved members of Canada’s Jewish community," Senator Linda Frum wrote on Twitter. "Today I am gutted by the loss of Honey and Barry Sherman. Our community is steeped in grief. I am heartbroken."

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