Gin, Rum, Or Beer? What A Man's Drink Of Choice Says About Your Chances With Him

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does he like me

Is he into you?

Dating is tough, and sometimes you need a big neon sign to let you know when a guy is interested instead of asking yourself "Does he like me?" It's kind of awkward to walk up to someone and straight out ask, “Are you here to hook up?” before you even know what their favorite color is.

So what can you do? Well, a big clue to what a guy is looking for when he's chilling at the bar, is in his drink. His beverage of choice is key to what kind of personality he has, if it'll match yours, and what direction he wants the night to go in.

Have you ever spent ages talking to a dude only to realize he's really not your type? If only you'd looked up at his beer-helmet then you'd have known automatically.

But let's get serious for a moment: above all, consent is vital. Cheeky signals and hints are just a bit of fun you play around with before you actually get round to asking them. It may be a fun game, but if you don't get 100 percent consent, then don't play. And drink responsibly, because there's a difference between having fun, tispy sex and one of you being drunk to the extent of unconsciousness.

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Now that the feminist mommy lecture is over, let's get back into the fun stuff. Here's what his drink of choice says about his personality and your chances of landing a date with him.

A yard of beer

Ah yes, the official drink of The Sports Buff. He's not a bad dude by any means, but if you're not into sports as much as he is then that doesn't leave much room for conversation. And he can get a bit rowdy at the most inappropriate times.

If your bar of choice happens to have The Big Game playing on the screen, then be wary of the sudden scream of happiness he'll let out mid-conversation. Followed by a “Sorry, [insert sportsman name here] just scored a doozy, what were you saying?” and a chug of the beer.

So, what about your chances? Well if you're a sports buff yourself then this may be a match made in heaven; however, chances are he's actually mostly there to watch the game and not for a hook up. If you're interested and are attracted to him, then maybe suggest a date when football season is over.

The exact drink you love

Okay, so you see a cute guy who's holding the exact drink you always order, and it's not just a gin and tonic or a Jack and coke. It's a very specific cocktail with at least five different steps and exact measurements, all off-menu.

Maybe he just reads the same cocktail blog as you... or he's your soul mate. The Dream Guy isn't necessarily sending out a signal to you, because heck, how would he know you share the same drink tastes? But it does mean that you automatically have something in common. It's an awesome ice breaker that you can laugh about together.

The themed drink

Many bars do themed drinks that relate to popular culture, such as Game of Thrones cocktails, superhero beers, and many more. So, similarly to The Sports Buff, The Geeky Drinker is an acquired taste for fellow geeky girls.

If you're not into Mario or Final Fantasy, then your conversation may be limited. That's not to say that people who are into specific niches only have one thing to talk about, or that couples can't have different tastes, but if you're not into one of their favorite things then that kinda sucks.

Spiced rum (neat) in a mason jar

Drinking out of mason jars are synonymous with hipsterism, and spiced rums are, well... really, really nice. Mix them together and you get a guy with the smoothest of music tastes, a full wardrobe you could probably borrow a lot from, and a wad of really obscure pop culture facts.

Neat rum is a sign of no nonsense, so he probably wants to get to the point as quickly as possible. So skip the vague flirtations that make him wonder if you're into him or just being nice, and just let him know you think he's fine as hell. Well... if you are into him that is. If not, just fade into obscurity like his favorite indie band.

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Gin and tonic... with extra tonic

This is the drink of someone who probably doesn't want to get drunk tonight, so it may mean he's a shy guy who likes to take things slow. He's probably there for the music, or to chill out with his friends, which shows he's a friendly guy who isn't “on the prowl.”

If you're also one of those people, then you may end up talking for hours over one or two drinks. If you're more of the quick hook-upper, then maybe gin and tonic just isn't your taste.

Shots, shots, shots!

Shots are everyone's favorite first class ticket to a hangover, and no one likes them as much as The Flirt does. The Flirt wants to have fun as fast as possible, so he doesn't waste time with lagers or wines, he gets straight into the Tequila and Sours as soon as the night begins.

He takes a similar approach to dating and hook ups, because who wants to waste time making small talk when you could go straight to making out? He's still a fan of YOLO even though that meme died ages ago, so if you're both into each other, then the green light is go, go, go!


No one really still orders cognac at a bar, do they? Apparently so. But its a taste usually reserved for The Fancy Pants of this world, the new-money, the guys with nest-eggs, the guys who relate super hard to Jay Gatsby.

These are the guys you probably won't have a chance with — not because they're elitist or anything, but because they're hidden behind a VIP sign at the back of the bar. And we all know how impossible it is to sneak into the VIP area with those terrifying bouncers shielding the velvet rope. Tough luck, Fancy Pants really did have a million dollar haircut.

Water/no drink

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Who goes to a bar only to order water or nothing at all? Well, a lot of people actually. I myself am quite partial to a non-alcoholic drink when I want to slow the night down. Sometimes, however, it can be a clear signal that they want to be left alone.

That's not to say those who drink are always up for it, or vice versa, but it can often mean one of three things: 1) They're getting ready to leave, 2) They're only there for their friend(s), or 3) They want to show that they're not there to hook up or party hard. So maybe just leave them be unless they come to you.

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