Mom Says She Burned 6-Year-Old Son's Hand On Stove To Stop Him From Becoming A Criminal After He Bullied A Girl And Killed An Animal

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Miriam Rebolledo
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Miriam Rebolledo said was afraid her son would grow up to be a convicted felon.

Miriam Rebolledo doesn't believe she's the monster people — and the law — make her out to be. 

The 29-year-old Florida mother is facing charges of aggravated child abuse after she was accused of punishing her 6-year-old son by placing his hand on a hot stove after a school employee told her he had been hitting other children at school the day before. 

Rebolledo admitted in court to the child abuse and said she was worried about where her young's behavior was headed. 

"My son is rebelling so much that he killed a little animal," she told reporters outside the Miami-Dade jail after posting bond. "It’s so easy to get those guns. You want my son to grow up to be a bully who beats up on kids? And he isn’t just going after boys, he bullied a girl.”

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“All the news every day, you see young people – 12, 13, 14 years old – they end up in schools with guns, and in this country it’s so easy to get guns," she said. "My son is so rebellious that he got to the point to kill an animal. What am I supposed to do? Stay home without doing anything for my son?"

But the judge was not having it. 

Judge Ariana Farjardo Orshan told Rebolledo, who is originally from Columbia, that despite her fears about her son's future, there were better ways to go about disciplining. 

“Maybe in Colombia, it’s OK to take the child and put their burning hand on a stove, but in the United States, it’s not,” Judge Farjardo said. The Judge also told the mother that her son was sad about having to be placed in foster care. 

"You have the cutest son. I met him this morning," Judge Fajardo said. "He is very sad that he has to go to foster care."

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Though the mother admitted to police that she was overwhelmed taking care of her rebellious child, she told reporters that she was being judged unfairly as a bad parent and that people didn't know the whole truth. 

She said she's afraid her son will grow up to be a convicted felon or be the type of man who would grab his wife and punch her. She said she's taken him to a psychologist and has tried all forms of punishment. 

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“I’m a bad mom, but they don’t know the truth,” she said. “This is the kind of thing a mother has to do so that her son can grow up to be a good person tomorrow.”

Robello was released this past Friday on $7,500 bond and her son will reportedly be placed in foster care. 

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