New Details Revealed About Olivia Newton-John's Missing Ex-Boyfriend Presumed Dead 12 Years — And How He Might Be Alive In Mexico

Olivia Newton John ex boyfriend

Um, what?

A new investigation has reportedly found the presumed dead ex-boyfriend of Olivia Newton-John alive and well in a small fishing town in Mexico. 

According to the Australian weekly magazine, New Idea, a group of U.S.-based investigative journalists and private investigators found evidence that Patrick McDermott is not lost at sea but living in Sayulita. The group obtained a photo of a man who looks 60 years old (the approximate age McDermott would be today) with long gray hair sitting shirtless on a bench next to an unidentified woman.

It was reportedly found on a bulletin board at a Mexican campsite about a month ago by the U.S. media agency Coleman-Raynor. 

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Charlie Parker, a private investigator, says he believes it's "highly likely" McDermott is the man in the photo because their widow's peaks are exactly the same.

“The eyes are very similar and the ears extend down on the head in the same distance," he said. "I believe it’s him.”

In 2005, McDermott disappeared during an overnight fishing trip off the coast of San Pedro, California. Two weeks went by until he was reported missing by his ex-wife.

The ship's captain found McDermott's fanny pack unclaimed in his office, along with his driver's license, wallet and keys. The car was still in the marina's parking lot.

Three years later, he was declared dead even though none of the other passengers on the boat reported seeing him fall overboard. 

The cameraman had an on-again-off-again relationship with Newton-John for over nine years. They had broken up a few months prior to his disappearance. 

While there have been tons of rumors that McDermott had faked his own death, it wasn't until 2006 that "Dateline NBC" brought forth the theory that he escaped to Mexico to avoid paying past-due child support. His son Charlie was 13 years old at the time, and McDermott owed money to Yvette Nicar, his ex-wife. 

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"If you got nothing here for ya, what’s the point of staying here?" said Australian journalist Nick Papps on the show. "So where do you go? You hop in a car, you drive through Mexico, where no one checks your passport. And you go to the Baja Peninsula. Which is known as a sunny place for shady people."

In 2006, Papps had reportedly found six people who said they saw McDermott living in Mexico. One man even said he tried to pay him for his silence after he was recognized.

"The first thing he did was when I told him that some people came to ask for him, he grabbed a black bag from his car, sat down on a table, took out a checkbook, and then he tells me, “How much does your silence cost?” Eduardo Meji said. "'I don’t want money,' I answered him."

When asked in a 2016 interview about McDermott Newton-John said "nobody really knows what happened."

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