Tragic New Details Revealed About The Dad Who Killed His 18-Month-Old Daughter Because 'God Told Him To'

Photo: The Advocate
Mark Hamrick Amina

The toddler was stabbed and suffocated.

Around 7 a.m. Tuesday morning, Mark Hambrick called the police and calmly told officers that he had stabbed and suffocated his 18-month-old daughter last night. 

"He told us that he had stabbed the child and to put the child out of their misery, he suffocated the child until the child expired," said New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Harrison.

When authorities arrived at Hambrick's home, they found the toddler, identified on social media as Amina, dead on the bed. She had multiple stab wounds to her upper left chest. 

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According to police, the 45-year-old New Orleans man gave police a statement telling them what happened and how he "committed this heinous gruesome act to his own child." 

Hambrick allegedly said God made him do it. 

According to The New Orleans Advocate, Hambrick let his daughter bleed for hours after he repeatedly stabbed her in the heart with a serrated kitchen knife. 

His arrest warrant read: “God told him to murder his child so the state of Louisiana can kill him so he can be resurrected." 

Hambrick also told the police that though he intended for Amina to bleed to death, she continued to cry in his arms so he suffocated her instead. He also said he knew what he did was wrong. 

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Though Hambrick is married, he was alone at home with Amina at the time of the murder. 

Police are investigating whether or not Hambrick has a mental illness he's suffering from or if he has any substance abuse problems. He was convicted of drunk driving in 2010. 

He's currently being held without bail on charges of second-degree murder and second-degree cruelty to juveniles. 

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