New Details About The Awful Texts An Indiana Man Sent Multiple Women On The Day He Allegedly Killed A Young Mom At The Gym

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Cody Weir murder

Cody Weir is suspected of murdering Carina Rodriguez.

On their way to the gym inside their apartment complex in Indianapolis, Indiana for an early morning workout, two roommates stumbled upon the body of 23-year-old Carina Rodriguez. 

According to the witnesses third roommate, Adam Lottes, they tried to perform CPR on the woman in an attempt to revive her. 

"They came back from, well, they didn't work out, but they came back in the morning from going down to the gym, which they usually go to every day at six, said they found a body laying on the ground," he said. 

However, the young mother was already dead. 

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According to police, Rodriguez didn't die by gunshot but she did have suspicious injuries covering her body. 

When they examined the body, they found things that gave them pause. "We called in crime lab and are treating it as a murder investigation" IMPD Deputy Chief, Chris Bailey said in a statement.

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After reviewing surveillance video of the apartment complex, police found Cody Weir, 25, walking into the gym where Rodriguez had been working out before she was attacked. 

Their relationship (or whether he knew her at all) is not currently clear, but he was arrested Friday for her murder. 

“You could tell he knew why we were there,” said IMPD Cheif Bryan Roach. “[He was] tearful at one point, knew it was happening, knew it was coming I think... It was encouraging, that you can tell a community that we have someone that impacted their community so bad."

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And now a woman who knew Weir from high school said he sexted her the same day he allegedly killed Rodriguez. 

Jessica Haines said the suspect sent her lewd messages on Facebook, though she hasn't talked to him in several years. 

“It was pretty nasty, I’m not going to get into it,” she said. “But it wasn’t anything you’d want your daughter to be receiving on her phone.”

Haines said she received the first message the night before the murder and then several more throughout the day of the murder.

Weir texted lewd solicitations and photos of himself in a state of undress. 

“I know about eleven different women who got the same kind of messages as me around the same time frame,” said Haines.

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She said Weir was "weird" and had an "off-beat personality."  

“This honestly doesn’t surprise me,” said Haines. "What surprises me is that this hasn’t happened sooner.”

Police haven't released a cause of the murder or Rodriguez's cause of death. 

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