New Details Revealed About This Video Of Ben Affleck 'Groping' Hilarie Burton's Breast On TRL When She Was 21

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Hilarie Ben Affleck

I mean WOW.

In the age of Hollywood's "finest' men being called out for their inappropriate —and on some occasions illegal — behavior with women, claims of sexual harassment are being made against another A-Lister: actor Ben Affleck. 

Affleck released a statement October 10, 2017 condemning Harvey Weinstein, who was outed for his decades of sexual harassment with actresses, models and other women in the industry. Though the actor has been accused of lying and keeping quiet about the Hollywood executive's behavior, he said he was "saddened and angry" over the "sickening" claims. 

When one Twitter user tweeted that Affleck might as well have "kept quiet," another chimed in and said: 

"He also grabbed Hilarie Burton's breasts on TRL once. Everyone forgot though." 

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No one expected her to respond. 

Burton, who hosted Total Request Live (TRL) from 2000 to 2004 and rose to fame with her role on One Tree Hill, replied to the thread and said that she didn't forget about the incident. 

The alleged groping of her breast took place in 2003 when Burton was just 21. In the clip, Affleck is telling Burton a story which seems to be about the moves men use to pick up women. He then puts his arm around her, and she jumps. 

You can't see the groping on camera, but you can see that Burton was definitely shocked. 

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"I was a kid," she replied to the Twitter user. "Girls. I’m so impressed with you brave ones. I had to laugh back then so I wouldn’t cry. Sending love."

Burton then tweeted a clip from an interview she did discussing the incident, which she continued to laugh off. 

"He wraps his arm around me and comes over and tweaks my left boob,' she said in the interview. "I'm just like 'What are you doing?' Some girls like a good tweakage here and there. I like a high five."

A female producer said she heard there was a little squeeze, but she didn't know what happened. You can also hear Affleck asking the host "How old are you, 19?" 

He was 31 at the time. 

Earlier that same day, Rose McGowan — who was one of the women who accused Weinstein — criticized Affleck for lying about not being aware of the executive's behavior. 

One of her tweets to Affleck insinuated that after she told him about Weinstein allegedly assaulting her, the actor replied, "G*ddamnit, I told him to stop doing that." 

McGowan had been pushing for Affleck and Matt Damon to make a statement about the claims.

On Monday she tweeted: "Been Affleck Casey Affleck, how's your morning boys?" 

Casey Affleck has also been accused of sexual harassment, causing many people to be enraged for winning Best Actor for Manchester By The Sea at the 2017 Academy Awards. 

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