New Evidence Released About Murder Of Journalist Kim Wall Who Was Stabbed 14 Times In The Genitals After Boarding The Submarine For An Assignment

Photo: Daily News
Peter Madsen

Go to hell, Peter Madsen.

When journalist Kim Wall went missing after boarding Peter Madsen's homemade submarine in August to interview him for a story, we held our breath in hopes that she would be found. 

But 12 days after she disappeared, police found her headless torso washed ashore near Copenhagen, not far from where Madsen said he had dropped her off after the interview. 

Unsurprisingly, his story changed when parts of her body were discovered and said Wall died in an accident onboard his vessel. 

New information has strengthened local officers' belief that despite what he says, Madsen murdered the journalist. 

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During a search of a laboratory he ran, police found videos of women being violently strangled and decapitated on his computer's hard drive. 


Now I'm no detective, but if you take the fact that a) Madsen was the last person to be seen with Wall, b) Wall was also decapitated and c) Madsen's only defense to the gruesome videos was "that's not my computer," I think we know where all the fingers are pointing. 

And, sadly enough, police think the photos on Madsen's computer were real. Police haven't commented yet as to how many photos and other victims there are, but did say they don't believe Madsen took the videos

Pair that with the discovery that Wall was stabbed multiple times — 14 to her genitals — either "around or shortly after her death," has made the police confident they have their killer. 

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“The videos indicate that one may have an interest in fetish, torture and murder,” Jakob Buch-Jepsen, the prosecutor for the case, said in court. “These are some very grave videos with women recorded abroad.” 

Though Madsen claims his innocence, after the new evidence was presented to the court, he was ordered to be detained for four more months as the investigation continues. 

As we learn more about this horrific crime, it's important to remember the beautiful life that Kim Wall led. 

Wall was a Swedish freelance journalist who was published in The New York Times, Vice, Slate and Time. She wrote about everything from real life vampire to torture chambers in Uganda. 

In honor of her legacy, her loved ones started a grant in her name to help female reporters cover stories of cultural value.

"We must not let the narrative of Kim Wall be just another story of a woman killed by a man," Wall's friend and fellow journalist, Sonia Paul wrote in an essay for BuzzFeed. "Kim would not have wanted that. She would have wanted more women out in the world, engaging with whatever life threw at them, and becoming stronger from it."

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