Awful Details About Ryan Phillippe Beating Up Model Ex-Girlfriend Released In New Lawsuit

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Elsie Hewitt is filing a $1 million dollar lawsuit against the actor.

In today's episode of news that I wish wasn't real, Ryan Phillippe has been accused of domestic violence and drug use by his ex-girlfriend, Elsie Hewitt. 

According to a $1 million lawsuit filed by the 21-year-old, the actor attacked her when he was "extremely drunk" on July 4, and she went to pick up things she had left at his house after they broke up.

She said he threw her down the stairs twice, beat her up and screamed at her: "Get the f--k out of my house you crazy c--t." 

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Hewitt then went to the hospital with bruises, abrasions, and chest pain and reported the alleged assault to police who issued an emergency protective order against Phillippe. She told them he "hit," "kicked," and "punched" her which caused visible injuries to her legs, back, arms, shoulder, and face.  

The below is allegedly from her lawsuit. 

Daily Mail

Sources close to the "Cruel Intention" and "Shooter" star claim it was Hewitt herself who instigated the incident and showed up at his house "under the influence." They said she attacked him, caused a scene and refused to leave after he dumped her. 

According to the source, Hewitt got her injuries when she fell and hurt herself after being escorted off the premises. 

They said the lawsuit is all about revenge and fame for the model. 

Phillippe isn't facing any criminal charges and there isn't a protection order in place currently. 

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Phillippe and Hewitt started dating in April, just a month after she turned 21.

She said during their four-month relationship, he frequently used cocaine, ecstasy, psychedelic mushrooms and steroids. 

Hewitt has modeled for Guess and was Playboy's Miss June in 2017. She had also been cast in a movie with Bella Thorne in 2014 and is supposed to be in an upcoming TV show called "Turnt." 

Hewitt also claims that Phillippe, who is a father of three and was previously married to Reese Witherspoon, tried to contact her after the attack.

She was worried he would "cause her additional injury. 

She said Phillippe became "infatuated" with her when they started dating and spent all his spare time with her.

Hewitt claims he even used the "Find My Friends" smartphone app to track her down. 

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