New Details About Court Documents That Claim Actor Tyrese Gibson Beat His 10-Year-Old Daughter

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His ex-wife has been granted a restraining order and temporary full custody of their daughter.

According to new court documents, Norma Gibson claimed that her ex-husband, Tyrese Gibson, beat his 10-year-old daughter while they were staying with him. 

She claims he held and hit Shayla Somer Gibson so hard she was unable to sit down afterward. The claims in the document are very upsetting, if true. 

“After the minor child begged for mercy, he beat her again. In total, he beat her between 12 and 16 times. Petitioner hit our daughter so hard that she claimed she could not sit down due to the pain she was experiencing.” 

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Norma reported in the document that the attack was instigated because Tyrese thought Shayla was stealing from him. She said he was convinced she was "stealing her own piggy bank money that she received for her birthday."

The document also alleges Tyrese was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and manic behavior by three psychotherapists, which Norma said he denied. She also expresses her concern that he might take Shayla to Dubai, where he allegedly threatened to travel to in the past. 

Norma also said he didn't give her Shayla's passport when she requested it, and that when Tyrese has Shayla, he cuts off contact with Norma. 

Because of the claims, Norma was granted a restraining order against Tyrese, and he isn't allowed to have any direct or indirect contact with Norma or Shayla until a hearing on Oct. 2.

She was also granted full custody with no visitation rights for the actor.

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Other than the claim of abuse, Norma said her ex-husband was prone to "beat on the people he is in conflict with." She also she he hit her numerous times in the past including when she was pregnant with Shayla. 

Tyrese recently posted a series of photos with a caption that said he just wanted to co-parent their daughter and that her behavior was showing she was bitter and resentful. 


“All I wanna do is co/parent nothing else…… Please…. Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt…… I’ve only prayed that your heart heals and we live our lives separately and peacefully on behalf of our daughter……,” he wrote on Instagram. “There’s someone out here for everybody – Norma I know you can see this, I’m sorry I got re-married, I’m sorry we didn’t work out I’m sorry you haven’t been able to find another man since we separated…… Sometimes you get married and have kids and things just don’t work out, but I have NEVER wished harm on you.”

The caption continues: "I was hoping by now you got over what we used to be… Being bitter, resentful and just felt out mean will has never been good for our daughter …. But I see the attacks just won’t stop so I believe this too will pass and God and the courts will reveal the truth.”

The couple was married from 2007 to 2009 and only have one daughter together. 

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