The Disturbing Details About The High School Gym Teacher Arrested For Sexually Assaulting A Student And Bribing Her With Money & Drugs To Keep Quiet

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Police say he was grooming other female students to become sexual partners.

Police arrested a high school gym teacher in New Jersey after discovering that he had sex with a 17-year-old female student twice in a car parked outside a bar. 

After they had sex, William Jacobs offered her money and marijuana and instructed her to not tell the police about their relationship. 

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The victim's mother filed a suit against the school, claiming that Jacobs along with several other school employees “failed to take steps … and follow generally accepted measures to implement procedures to eliminate the danger of sexual abuse by teachers against students." 

Jacobs, 33, met the student when she was a freshman. In 2016, he became her gym teacher when she was a junior, and she became the school's wrestling assistant trainer when Jacobs was the assistant wrestling coach. 

According to the suit, Jacob sent multiple student inappropriate messages on Twitter, allowed female students to leave school for food, not change for gym and still gave them passing grades. 

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"This manner of teaching was intended to groom impressionable female students to trust and confide in him as one of their peers," the suit read. 

When the victim became a student of Jacobs, he started following her on Twitter and sending her direct messages.

In October of 2016, he asked her to meet him in the parking lot of a bar. 

She went there, got in the car and he kissed her before he placed her hand on his genitals and engaged in oral sex with her. He then kissed the girl and the two parted ways. 

The lawsuit also alleges that Jacobs followed the girl into the wrestling room and tried to kiss her.

The teen pushed him back and said she was sick. 

Another time, he lifted the student in the air to show her a picture high on the wall, and when he brought her down, he did so in a way that her buttocks rubbed against his genitals in front of other students. 

And finally, he pulled his pants down and requested oral sex from the student, but she didn't comply. 

Jacobs pleaded guilty to criminal charges of official misconduct and endangering the welfare of a child. 

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