The Terrifying Mug Shot Of Keira Knightley's Stalker Who Called Himself The 'Public Executioner' And Threatened Her Life

Keira Knightley stalker

He called himself the "public executioner."

Like many celebrities living in the public eye, Keira Knightley has a stalker. And while many stalkers of the rich and famous tend to do some borderline creepy things, not many call themselves the "public executioner." 

But that's 50-year-old Mark Revill, the stalker who's been terrorizing and harassing Knightley, her husband, James Righton, and her 2-year-old daughter, Edie. 

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In order to fully grasp the level of creepiness Knightley has had to endure, here's Revill's mug shot that police just released:


In a series of threatening tweets, Revill had Knightley fearing for her life. Her stalker suggested via social media that he would attack her and her family in their own home. 

Warning, the tweets are written in a strange way and are slightly hard to read — making them that much creepier. 

"My campaign of disobedience continues in Canonbury tonight. JR and KK are not going to get much help from the police," he tweeted using his handle McCattipuss. "James Righton viewed £keiraknightley as an 'asset' at the beginning."

"If Righton iz play the devil, maybe i iz play public executioner yah? Of course not iz death threat."

"Righton got too big for his boots last week. I iz cut him down to size yah? I iz top dog Yah Righton. Transfiguration yah?' Righton is just a glorified chastity belt."

"And still The Villain Righton makes his wife suffer."

These creepy tweets come just one month after he received a suspended prison sentence and an "indefinite restraining order" for, ya know, meowing through her letterbox and writing threatening letters. 

Revill even declared his love for Knightley using a move from her movie, "Love Actually," and used a series of cue cards on her doorstep. 

He also left her a USB with a song he wrote called "The Fuzzy Kitty Waltz," which is when he started doing the whole meowing thing.

In another incident (yes, there have been MULTIPLE), he drew a large chalk arrow on the pavement, pointing to Knightley's front door. 

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Pretty sure this another one of his "compositions." 

Revill, who legally changed his last name to McCattipus, sent Knightley a letter asking if she had listened to the song AND wrote two letters to her mom. 

He admitted that he stalked the actress last December and said he was in love with her and also using her to promote his music.

See, even creepy stalker guys can be shady. 

As a part of his restraining order, he was given a mandatory 6-month mental health requirement and rehabilitation activity requirement of 30 days.

He's in custody until sentencing at the end of September. 

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