This Is Why So Many Guys View Women As Props

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why men view women as props
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It's sad but true.

If there’s one thing that I realized after getting fat after so many years of being pin-thin, it was the fact that men rarely really view women as people. When you’re thin and pretty, most men will treat you like a real person. However, when you’re heavy, men don’t treat you well; instead, they tend to pretend like you don’t even exist.

The way guys treated me when I was heavy broke my faith in most men, and it’s actually one of the main causes that I lost so much respect for the male gender. However, it made me delve into the psychology of “why.” Is there a reason why men view women as props? Why is it that they don’t see the human side of women? Well, here’s what I noticed.

1. Our culture really, really enjoys the idea of women as props — and that pretty much colors everything we do.

Culture is a really powerful thing, and unfortunately, we have a culture that views women more like breeding vessels or things for men to marry than anything else. Our ads use women’s bodies to sell crap. Our Disney movies have happy endings when “the guy gets the girl,” regardless of how ugly the guy is. Jokes about women being ignored for being women are considered funny and acceptable.

If you think this doesn’t affect the way people see one another, you’re wrong; it even affects the body language we use according to certain studies on a similar subject.

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2. A lot of guys also get it hammered into them that they will “eventually get the girl.”

Most people tell guys that they’ll find a girl or that they’ll have sex with hot women after they get the right job. It’s a very common thing that’s shown in pop cultures, and even told to guys when they’re in school. Girls, over time, start seeming more like a prize than they do a person thanks to this constant message.

3. It gets worse when you have other guys telling other guys to do it.

A lot of PUA sites and all Red Pill-related sites basically have this issue with them. When guys tell other guys that girls “don’t have feelings” or that women are somehow the enemy, they are making the culture more toxic and also making it harder for the sexes to come together.

4. There’s also the issue that there are rarely any times when guys are actually forced to see things from a woman’s perspective.

Perhaps the only time they ever feel their body autonomy at risk is when a woman decides to have a kid without their permission for it. Guys also don’t get harassed on the streets by girls too often, either. Moreover, it’s really rare to see a girl react violently or cruelly towards a guy who rejects her. Overall, they don’t know what it’s like to have to deal with these things — and they should.

5. By not speaking up, we encourage it.

I hate to say it, but there were definitely times I went along with the objectification. It’s a bad habit of mine, and I know we need to stop it. The more we talk about it, the better it’ll be.

6. By rewarding it, we encourage it.

This usually comes in the form of dating guys who just want any girl, or dating guys who clearly just want to parade you around like a show pony. If you’re dating someone who acts like you’re arm candy, you’re part of the problem. I understand that relationships can be fun, but if he doesn’t know the first thing about you, then he’s treating you like a prop and not a person. Is that really what you want in life?

7. By showing that there are no consequences to it, we’re making it worse.

Not only do we not call men out when they treat women like props, but we also don’t offer any consequences for this behavior. We don’t shun men when they deserve to be shunned, and if we do, we often do it in a polite way. Gloves off, girls. Guys need to learn that this attitude is toxic and that it’ll alienate them from others.

8. Another issue is that we often don’t notice the way guys treat other women or don’t care.

I didn’t notice when men would approach me and ignore my friends sitting near me, because, well, they were too busy talking to me. It’d only be when my friends would give me a look that I’d realize what’s going on. This isn’t cool, and it’s something I (and many others) need to stop.

9. Or worse, we throw other women under the bus to please guys.

I’ve seen this happen, and this isn’t a cool move. Men who actually use this to their advantage are getting rewarded, and the truth is that it further makes them see women more as tools for their own use than people.

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10. But then again, some guys are sick.

I’m not going to blame this all on society, nor am I going to sit there and say that us women are to blame. Some men are just really messed up in the head and don’t realize other genders are people. Whether this is due to sociopathy or something else doesn’t matter, but it’s true, and some people can’t be rehabilitated.

11. Lastly, this is made even worse by the assumption that life is fair and that dating is fair by an extension.

I call this dating sim culture, primarily because we all seem to think that dating is fair. We are always told that life is fair, that karma happens, and that everyone gets theirs. Life isn’t fair, and the world doesn’t care about you.

Unfortunately, this overly optimistic outlook can make people feel like they are entitled to other people, or even entitled to sex. And so, that's why men view women as props.

Men don't experience nearly as much sexism as women. Watch the video below for all the sexist things women have heard for decades:


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