'Stashing,' The Latest Dating Trend, Will Make You Feel Like Crap

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stashing is a new crappy dating trend

If your relationship is absent on social media, you might have a problem.

Between cushioning, ghosting, benching and breadcrumbing, the Internet has found some pretty cute nicknames to describe my pitiful, futile dating life in 2017.

But of all the f*ckboy trends that have dominated Tinder, Bumble and Huggle recently, this latest one might the most depressing of all these awful dating trends. And chances are, you’ve likely experienced one or two times already. 

It's called "stashing" and stashing is the newest crappy dating trend. According to an article from Mashable, and it occurs at the stage where you and your new boo are newly (or, in the saddest cases, not-so-newly) official. But despite a continuous showering of affection, countless dates and the fact that you could probably use the same toothbrush at this point, he has yet to proclaim his love to you to the world.

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In other words, that time his mom FaceTimed him and he ran out the room, or when he posted to Instagram that concert you both attended and didn’t mention your name, or when he refused to be “Facebook official” with you because he’s not "into" titles... sorry, you’re probably being stashed

He sees you as his little personal "treasure" (you know, like when you used to bury secrets in the sandbox) and wants to keep you all for himself. 

And while you can usually attribute to someone ghosting you as a sign that the person in question is a spineless turd, it’s hard not to feel like complete and utter crap when you find out you’re being stashed.

Although the reasons could run the gamut, it most likely means your new boo a) has another significant other (or multiple, in fact), b) is ashamed of you *gulp*, or c) is a psychopath who is concerned his friends will want you and wants to keep you all for himself.  

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The worst part? He’s going to make everything seem fine in the moment. He definitely adores you or he wouldn’t be investing the energy into seeing and contacting you regularly. It’s just that he doesn’t want to portray you as a figure in his public life. And, as we all know, everyone likes to highlight their seemingly "best" aspects over social media. 

The good news? Once you find out you’re being stashed, you can ghost him without feeling ashamed. Which probably wouldn’t be the worst feeling in the world. 

If the guy you're dating ghosted you, watch the video below for advice on how to feel better instantly:


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