7 'Game of Thrones' Gifs That Are All Of Us During Tonight's Premiere

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Jon Snow and Sansa Stark via Game of Thrones

Winter is finally over. So, you know what that means?

If you're a Game of Thrones fan you've probably been tallying the days until the season premier. 

On Sunday, the 7th season will kick off giving us something to talk about for the rest of summer and then some.

When we last left the world of Westeros in the previous season there was a lot, a lot going on.

I mean Sansa was finally able to serve up some well-deserved revenge, giving the cruel and ridiculously savage Ramsay what he had coming — allowing his own dogs to devour him. But we've also watched as Sansa has grown to be a little more savage and little less naive and innocent as she's fought to preserve her life so we don't expect her to just shut up and put up now that she's found her way back to some semblance of family (since most all her other brothers have died and Aria is M.I.A.). 

Dany has been fighting to be the Queen that her people deserve, but is probably going to need some help doing so.

And Cersei has lost all of her children so we will undoubtedly see her on her worst behavior this season as she no longer has anything to live for. Hell, she even has Jaime worried ... that look in his eye is branded into my brain ... the moment he knew and we knew that Cersei was going to be more of a problem now than ever since the crown is what she will live for. Power is what she will live for. 

(See the clip below if you don't recall that awful drop in your heart knowing Cersei was the next heir to the crown.) 

Basically shit went down and now it's about to hit the damn fan. We're going to see new alliances and new enemies formed in just a matter of days, this we know. Thankfully, we're only days away from getting in on all the juicy stuff.

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However, while we're waiting it seems like the last leg of the wait has made us the most anxious and jittery.

These 7 Game of Throne gifs describe each of us fans in nutshell, as we wait to see if our fan theories and predictions actually happen, as we wait to see what challenges and heartbreaks the Game of Thrones will present. 

Oh shit, Game of Thrones comes back this weekend! It's time to stock the wine and get ready for a weekend long marathon so we can do a quick refresher course before the premiere. Otherwise, the only thing we'll be able to remember is that brutal final episode where Jon and Sansa came out on top ... after all the bloodshed. 

It just hit me how close we are to the big day, we've waited all year for this moment. For this episode. For this glory. Yeeeeessss!

I can hardly contain myself. So. Much. Excitement. And fear too, yeah lots of fear and anxiety about what's to come.

... but the wait is over and for that a "happy dance" feels necessary. I mean, what could possibly go wrong, Sansa and Jon are prepared to run shit — prepared to take the throne together (God willing). 

And, because us fans are more like a cult than anything. We'll gladly sacrifice ourselves (read: our social lives) in the name of the 'Game of Thrones.'

Because we've been having withdrawals from Dany and her dragons. And this batshit crazy storyline that has a plot twist every other episode.  

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But no worries! It's going to be another great season. Everything is going to go silky smooth. Everything.

Yeah, right, we're having a hard time convincing ourselves of that one too. In reality shit is about to hit the fan as the fight for the throne grows more intense than ever before, but nonetheless, we're excited to get back in the great fight.