This Video Shows A Waitress Insert A Hot Dog Into Her Vagina Before Serving It To A Customer

Photo: YouTube
Hotdog Vagina

As a general rule of thumb, being nice to anyone who handles anything you’re going to put in your mouth is the only way to ensure that you won’t be sick soon after. 

If you want your meal to be untampered with, your options are manners and a display of appreciation for your waiter or waitress. That’s it. 

I never understood the reckless boldness of customers who were rude to their servers. Like don’t you know person holds the matter of death or an extra side of ranch in their hands?

Why would you ever want to screw with that???

I’d like to think that most servers understand the weight of their jobs. So for one to go as far as to mess with you food means you really must have earned it, in my humble opinion. 

I can only imagine what one obviously rude AF customer did to this waitress that made her want to stick their hotdog into her vagina before she served it to them. 

See below, but be warned... you cannot unsee this video: 

Surveillance footage that has yet to be authenticated shows a waitress waiting for her fellow employees to leave so she can quickly do the dirty with the lunch menu. 

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After putting it into her vagina, she places the used dog back on the bun and acts like nothing ever happened. 

So the moral of the story here kids is please, for the love of all that is on today’s list of specials, be nice to your waitress.