Rosé Ice Cream Has ARRIVED And Now Summer Can Officially Start

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Where Can I Buy Rosé Ice Cream?

Rosé ice cream is a REAL thing and this is where you can find it.

Where can I buy rosé ice cream? Is that a question you’ve been asking yourself lately? Did you even know that this was a thing? Well, now you do, so calm down and take a moment to process this magnificent boozy treat discovery.

Heck, it could be the next wonder of the world. Ice cream mixed with your favorite version of the bubbly stuff... what could be better? No seriously, I don’t think anything could be better.

So, where can you get it? California! No surprise there. Smitten Ice Cream shop collaborated with Scribe Winery to create Sonoma Rosé and share it with the big wide world of ice cream lovers.

Photo: Smitten Ice Cream

A few scoops of this stuff will actually give you a buzz too because the ABV on this creamy goodness is 3.5 percent. Oh yeah!

And what could make this stuff even better? A few hints of strawberry and grapefruit in every bite. Wow, I could float to ice cream heaven just thinking about it. So, like, should I use my frequent flyer miles to head to Cali right now? I’m literally salivating.

It turns out that Goldbely will ship five pints of this rosé ice cream anywhere in the country, but it will cost you a pretty penny. Actually, probably much more than you expected with a price tag of $109. Boo! I just don’t have the cash flow for that right now. But if you do, get it, girl!

Photo: Smitten Ice Cream

I really want to stomp my feet and WINE (see what I did there?) about the price, but I might just drown my feelings in the leftover ice cream cake lurking in my freezer. Maybe I’ll just pour some rosé on top of it and call it a day.

But wait, hold the phone! Apparently, there is an option for east coasters!

Tipsy Scoop, the ice cream "barlour" in NYC, will be launching a Peach Frose Rosé in July for National Ice Cream Month. Yes! I will be booking my bus tickets to New York now.

Every day in summer is a rosé kind of day, so whether you’re drinking it, eating it, or scooping it into a waffle cone, make sure to get it in before the warm weather ends. And you can finally stop asking where can I buy rosé ice cream?