Did Barack Obama Reveal The Gender Of Beyonce & Jay Z's Twins?

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obama reveals gender beyonce twins

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There is nothing more exciting than the arrival of a baby!

When expectant parents keep the gender of their soon-to-arrive child(ren) a secret, the anticipation is exponentially greater!

When Beyonce announced she was expecting twins with her gorgeous baby bump photos, the world went ballistic.

Like any other expectant mother, everyone wanted to know the gender of her babies. With no big reveal, friends, family, and fans began their countdown to delivery to find out. 

Of course, closest friends get to know some of each other's secrets, and perhaps Barack Obama and Michelle have been clued in with some news. 

It's no secret that former President Barack & Michelle Obama are good friends to Beyonce and Jay-Z. Over the past eight years, while the first couple was in office, the celebrity couples frequently visited the White House and traveled together

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From her best friendMichelle Obama's publicly thanking Queen Bee for "being a role model to young girls around the world" on Twitter to Barack helping to announce Jay Z's induction into the Hall of Fame, their friendship circle of trust is tight.

But, that's also when it happened. 

Call it an unintentional slip of the tongue, an educated guess, or just a hunch, Barack talked about the friendship they shared

Then said, “Jay and I are also fools for our daughters, although he’s going to have me beat once those two twins show up."

Now, he didn't actually reveal the gender of Beyonce's twins, but if you take what he said, and do the math, there's definitely some food for thought. 

The Obama's have two daughters: Malia and Sasha. 

Beyonce and Jay Z have one daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, but currently no sons. 

In order for Jay-Z and Beyonce to have more daughters than Michelle and Barack Obama, they would have to have not one, but two baby girls. 

With Jay-Z and Beyonce expecting twins any day now, they would have three children once they arrive. But, no Barack Obama did, in fact, use the word: daughters. 

Of course, you can argue away what Barack said during his speech congratulating Jay Z and others entering the Music Hall of Fame, he was speaking in general terms about children. But on Twitter, her fans thought he gave away the gender of Beyonce's twins were revealed.  

Since there's been no official gender announcement made yet by Beyonce, reactions by her fans about Obama's possible big reveal of the gender of Beyonce's twins. Here are the 15 best tweets reacting to the news.

1. The token hater. 

"Live look at me once Twitter finds out Beyonce gave birth to her twins (her first actual pregnancy).

2. What now?

"When Beyonce have her twins Blue Ivy gone be feeling left out like..."

3. TMI.

All these new albums + The Ghost of Jay-Z's Twitter spazzing out + Obama + Beyonce having twin girls (??) + GOP Regret = My brain rn."

4. Got this.

"Also, Beyonce's twins are girls. She got three girls now. Obama dropped da juice."


5. Oh — oh. 

"He's gonna be in trouble for spilling the beans." 


6. Sending love

"The Queen may be in labor today! @Beyonce wishing you all the best hot mama!"


7. Can't wait to see those babies. 

"Me walking into Beyonce delivery room to see the twins."


8. Conspiracy theorists. 

9. Patience. 

"The Hive waiting for Beyonce to announce that she's had her twins."

10. On it. 

"The doctors racing against each other to deliver Beyonce's twins."

11. Sorry, Geminis. 

"Can't believe Beyonce gave birth to twins during Gemini season ... how is she gonna raise five kids?"

12. We still have hope! 

13. Are you volunteering to help?

"Your WCW is out here posting about Beyonce's twins but her son hasn't eaten lunchh and his diaper is full."

14. Waiting for the big break. 

"Status: Waiting for the inevitable moment Beyonce breaks the internet with photos of the twins. It's coming. I can feel it."

15. Hmm...

"The internet is convinced Barack Obama just gave away some big news about Beyonce and Jay Z's twins."