Melania And Barron Trump Have Finally Moved Into The White House!

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Melania And Barron Trump Finally Left NYC To Move Into The White House
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School's out for the summer!

And making good on her promise, Melania Trump gathered 11-year-old Barron Trump (and presumably, their belongings) and joined her husband on an Air Force One as they made their way to their new home for the next 3 and a half years — the White House.

But who's counting, right?

I mean, Melania might well be counting. Maybe. I don't know. She hasn't called me in a while to fill me. Really, She hasn't called me. Or texted me. Ever. But I'm OK with it.

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Fresh off the story of FLOTUS swatting away his hand as they walked the red carpet together in Israel less than a month ago ...  ​

President Donald Trump seemed to make a point of firmly taking Melania's as they crossed the White House lawn together.

He even managed to hold onto it for a full 16 seconds — yes, I counted, and you're welcome — before she subtly regained her manual freedom, and switched her luscious Hermes Birkin back into the hand he had won as a possible safeguard against further attempts.

Back in February, Donald Trump was quoted saying that "Melania and Barron would be relocating to the White House 'very soon, right after he finishes school.' "

And while some were doubtful and MANY were upset by the high cost of keeping the two safe in Manhattan, the family has made good on their word on this one.

The night before the big move, Melania did some tweeting of her own with a little shout out to moving day.

As the Trump Administration struggles to stay afloat amidst more controversy, scandal, and rumors than what ensued across every single soap opera of the 1980s and 1990s combined, I do sincerely hope that Melania and (especially) Barron manage to settle comfortably in their government-owned digs. Being a part of the First Family may have plenty of perks, but I cannot even imagine the pressure for a child, especially one whose father is currently inching closer and closer to setting either himself, the world, or both on fire.


The good news is that the security bill for all of us tax payers should hopefully get some small break.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure there are LOTS of bedrooms available in the Executive Residence.

Here is a quick glance at the second floor of the president's residence.

And here's the third-floor over-view:

So, just saying, Melania should have plenty of room to spread her First Lady wings.

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If she wants to, of course.

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I suppose we shall all see soon enough ...