Playboy Recreates Its Most Famous Covers ... With Same Cover Girls Years Later

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One word: Stunning!

Remember how Playboy did that thing a while ago when they were like "if people are just reading us for the articles, then we will give them articles and no more naked ladies?" 

Well, they are doing naked ladies again now (pun very much intended), and they are doing something pretty inspired as they celebrate their return to being a publication that helps usher boys and girls everywhere into the lobby of sexual development. 

Lol, lobby of sexual development? Who would even be the bellhop there, Harry Styles? (Mmm, Harry Styles.)

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Playboy invited some of its former cover girls to come back and recreate the covers that rocketed them into Playboy history. That's right, Playboy invited women older than 25 to model in its pages and in the process they are tacitly acknowledging that women can be sexy regardless of whether or not they are eligible for an AARP card. 

Who knew that a woman out of her 20s was still worthy of being someone's sexual partner? Leonardo DiCaprio has yet to get this memo, and I hear tell that dude is pretty smart and what have you. 

If you're a woman in possession of a body and you have half a brain, it isn't a shock to learn that older models who once posed naked and are still, you know, really hot, can seriously work a nudie spread. But that's not something you usually see.

Women's bodies are celebrated and praised in the media usually solely as sexual objects, and even then, in order to "rank" you have to fit a series of unbelievably difficult criteria just to pass muster. 

If you're fat or old or too short or too tall or too freckled or too, well, anything, the chances of seeing yourself in any media representations are pretty darn slim.

That's what makes this shoot so exciting. It's not just regurgitating the same old same old like a lot of other porn magazines, it's challenging your preconceptions of what hot really is. 

Take this image of model Collins Jordan below. It's the same woman in two different times in her life. Neither image is "sexier." They both just happen to depict a sexy woman (shades of Helen Mirren) in two different phases of her life. About the shoot, Jordan said she feels “Very, very lucky to be in such a unique sorority,” as a Playmate.

We unfortunately still have an alarming tendency to shelve women once they're past an imaginary expiration date. 

It is crazy that a woman's sexuality is such a double-edged sword. Display your wares if you're genetically blessed by getting naked in your prime, and you make people angry for titillating them. Do it when you're older, and people bitch and whine about how "unsexy" you were.


A woman's ability to reproduce does not define her. It does not make it any more or any less sexy. It is a woman's confidence, allure, and passion that make her an object of true sexual desire.

I sometimes forget that the real reason people react to naked women so violently (whatever their age) is because a naked woman is a powerful thing. A woman, in all her confidence, laid bare before the world has literally started and stopped wars. 

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It's no wonder the world feels the need to police them the way they do. Kudos to Playboy for these images. 

Now we just need Hugh Hefner to add a girlfriend to his posse who can legally drink.

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