Father’s Day Gift Guide: 18 Ways To Say 'I Love You' To The Dad You Adore MOST

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The best gifts for the best dad ever.

Dad’s are notoriously brutal to buy for. They kind of seem like they either have it all or just don’t want anything. You can’t impress your dad with colorful flowers and an emotional card like you can your mom, making Father’s Day nearly impossible to win.

Each year gets more difficult as you’ve been covering all of his necessities since your childhood. He already has the tool set, the car parts, the funny "grill master" apron and the best electric razor on the market. You probably bought him a pack of craft hot sauces and he probably has a whole stash of "Best Dad" mugs and shot glasses.

Don’t feel defeated by this upcoming Father’s Day, though. We have got your back with this epic Father's Day gift guide that offers up some choices that your pops won’t have already. You’ll feel pretty darn good when he opens up his gift this year and he will be pretty pleased that he doesn’t have to pretend like he needed yet another set of underwear.

Hey, this list might even give you the one-up on your older brother this year, making you look like the golden child for once. But just be careful because one of these awesome Father’s Day gifts could have your mom brimming with jealousy (we hope you hooked her up with a sweet gift from our Mother’s Day gift guide).

Get crafty, shop up and down the list, and maybe even curate your own gift basket full of goodies to give Dad this year. It’s going to be difficult, but try not to set the bar too high with this year’s present because you will only make it harder for yourself to top it next year.

So, show your dad just how much you love him this Father’s Day with one of these epic gifts.

1. Orbit Turntable

Is your dad a music lover with a special place in his heart for vinyl? Give him the gift of song with this American-made turntable. It’s remarkably simple but gives off the perfect sound.

(u-turn Audio, $179)

2. Gibson Football BBQ Portable Charcoal Grill

Listen, this gift couldn’t get any more perfect. Your dad can use it to grill, take it around to his buddy’s house, or a tailgating partying. AND the thing is shaped like a football. You really couldn’t make him any happier.

(Kohl's, $59.99)

3. Smooth Shave Bundle

Come on, just because he’s your dad doesn’t mean that can’t look good. This smooth shave bundle comes with the Magnanimous Post Shave Cream, a rich, hydrating cream used for soothing the skin after shaving. It also has the Easy Shave Butter, which will make the whole process go more smoothly from the start.

(Dollar Shave Club, $13.50)

4. Hydro Flask 64 oz Growler

The beer-loving dad will thank you for this growler time and time again. It beats the glass ones from the breweries in both function and style. The craft beer craze is REAL and your dad will be able to take his hydro flask growler to any brewery to get his fill.

(Hydro Flask, $64.95)

5. Beer Making Kit

If your dad loves beer, go a step further and help him make his own. Dads love to do little projects and work on their hobbies, and for this one, he gets to get drunk off of it when he’s done. These beer making kits come in all different styles so you can get him what he likes whether it’s a dark stout or a light wheat beer.

(Brooklyn Brew Shop, $40)

6. Coffee Club Subscription

This is for the dad who likes a different kind of brew — a more caffeinated one. For all the dads who like to read the newspaper over a steamy mug of coffee in the morning, this is the gift that will keep on giving. Not only will he get fresh bags of coffee beans delivered to his door each month, but they will be from a different place around the world each time.

(Atlas Coffee Club, $14)

7. #DadLife Mug

Alright, I know that your dad has a collection of mugs already, but why not get him an updated one for his coffee club subscription? This is not just any old mug, but a #DadLife mug. It’s so new age, right?

(Etsy, $15)

8. Yeti Hopper Cooler

This brand is killing it as they reinvent the look and durability of the cooler. Think about all of the fishing/hunting trips your dad goes on and how this awesome new cooler would make his life (and his lunch) a whole lot easier. It’s soft and designed for an easy haul while keeping whatever is inside undeniably fresh.

(Yeti, $299.99)

9. Beer Cap Collector Shadow Box

Give your dad a gift that will complete the décor of his man cave. This shadow box has an opening that allows him to collect all of the caps from his beer bottles. Have you looked at beer bottle caps lately? They are all kind of artsy and cool, making them nice to display in a box that shows off just how much your dad can drink.

(Craft Beer Hound, $69.95)

10. Kiehl’s Grooming Solutions Line

This line of perfectly crafted grooming products has been formulated to make men look their best. Give your dad the gift of self-confidence by snagging him one or all of these products. The six products involved are: the multitasking nourishing shampoo and conditioner, matte finish texturizing clay, moldable no-shine creative cream wax, firm but natural looking clean styling gel, nourishing beard grooming oil, and skin buffing exfoliating body soap. These products will be sure to get him looking good.

(Kiehls, $35)

11. TENZING Adventure Pack

Give your dad the gift of amazing skin! With this adventure pack, which comes in either sandalwood or sage mint, your pops will get shave cream, pre-shave oil, and some face moisturizer to top it all off. By using this adventurous trio, he will get a whole bunch of benefits, perfect for celebrating Father's Day. He can expect smoother skin, a firmer face, a beautiful smell, and some serious anti-aging properties going on.

(TENZING, $55)

12. Kiehl's Age Defender Line

Just because he's a guy doesn't mean that he doesn't care about looking old. Actually, your dad cares just as much as anyone about puffiness under his eyes, sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles. Don't worry about making him feel old, either; he will appreciate your efforts to help him keep his youthful look. He will especially love the dual-action exfoliating cleanser that will remove impurities and give his skin a nice shine. Afterward, he can put on the clay mask and soak up its healing properties while sort of feeling like he's at the spa. 

(Kiehl's, $30)

13. AWAKE Chocolate

Does your dad seriously have everything? If so, he probably hasn't tried these caffeinated snacks. They come in chocolate bars, granola bars, or snack bites and each one equals a half or a full cup of coffee. Your pops can have his cake and eat it too (the coffee version of that anyway). Whether he is trying to get the lawn mowed over the weekend or stay peppy at the office, these little snacks will keep him going.

(AWAKE, multi-packs start at $19.99)

14. Sipsmith Gin

For the dad who likes to drink, this London-based gin company offers up some libations that will make his day. Not only will it make the perfect cocktail, but this gin will have your dad feeling like he's in "the know" of what's the best of the best. Started in 2009, this company has been the one to pioneer the renaissance of gin in London, as it's the first copper distillery in London for over 200 years. 

(Sipsmith, $32.99)

15. Bushmills Irish Whiskey 

The world's oldest Whiskey Distillery pumps out plenty of bottles that would make your dad's day a whole lot better. Real men drink whiskey, that's how the saying goes anyway, so let your dad indulge in his manhood by getting him a bottle of Bushmills to add to his collection. It might just give him a reason to invite some of his guy friends over to watch the game and sip on something he can feel proud offering to them.

(Bushmills, $23.99)

16. LINK AKC Smart Collar

Is your dad best friends with his dog? Does he love his pup more than you think he loves you? Instead of getting jealous, give him a gift for Father's Day that will benefit his favorite pooch. He may start to appreciate you as much as he does the dog. The LINK AKC Smart Collar is the last collar he will ever need to put on the dog.

It is equipped with GPS tracking technology, an activity monitor to help manage the dog's wellness and health, a remote controlled light to help your dad find the dog in the dark, temperature monitor to tell you if your dog is too hot or cold, the ability to record adventures that your dad and the dog have and share them on social media, and an app that will help your dad with training his pup. 

(LINK AKC, $179)

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