Why Nashville Is Now The Bachelorette Party Capital Of The U.S.

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Why Nashville Is Now The Bachelorette Party Capital Of The United States

The party buses just keep rolling on up ...

Who doesn't love live music, open bars, and lots of friendly people?

Well, that's exactly what you get when you visit the city of Nashville, Tennessee.

With its strip of bars, restaurants, gift shops, and live performances at all times of the day, it's no wonder Nashville is such a popular travel destination.

What you may not know is that Nashville is legendary as a destination for the BEST of the best bachelorette parties!

According to an article in The Tennessean:

"On any given weekend, these groups can be spotted on pedal taverns, at craft breweries and shopping at local boutiques. Although Nashville is a draw for bachelor parties as well, it’s the bachelorette parties sporting matching clothes, sashes or cheeky t-shirts that most stand out."

The Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp. (CVC) gives major credit to bachelor and bachelorette parties for the city's continuous growth in tourism and visitor spending, according to CVC Chief Marketing Officer Deana Ivey.

In his interview with The Tennessean, she explained that leisure travelers make up 30 percent of Nashville’s overall tourist economy, which last year drew a record-high 13.5 million visitors and a whopping $5.4 billion in direct spending.

Basically, Nashville is making a buttload of money!

And it all makes sense when you realize it that there's so much to do in this bachelorette party capital.

“When they come in for a bachelorette party, they’re not just going to party or just going to hear the music; they’re going shopping, they’re going to eat, they’re getting out in the neighborhoods and enjoying the attractions and activities during the day,” Ivey said.

So exactly how many bachelorette parties are we talking about here?

Robbie Goldsmith, the founder of Bach Weekend, which plans exclusive 48-hour trips for bachelor and bachelorette parties, estimates that an average of 150 of these groups visit Nashville every single weekend. His business is on pace to work with more than 150 groups this year compared to the fewer than 30 parties he worked on when the company first launched in 2013.

That's A LOT of bachelorette parties!

Honestly, it makes sense.

Nashville is the perfect destination for bachelorette parties. It's affordable, has plenty of tourist attractions, delicious food, and amazing venues for partying.

If you're in the midst of planning a bachelorette party now, you might want to consider booking a trip to Nashville yourself!