'Orange Is The New Black' Is Coming Back — But I'm Still Not Over Poussey

Photo: netflix
poussey washington oitnb

It's too soon.

I don't need to tell you that the countdown has officially begun for the latest season of Orange is the New Black.

But then again the countdown has been on since we watched the final episode of season four. However, now we know the date so it's official: June 9th. Just less than a month away.

And our collective excitement has reached a new high with the release a lengthier trailer designed to pique our interest until the new episodes drop.

And you know what? I'm not 100 percent sure that I'm ready.

Usually, I'm anxious and anticipating my disdain for Piper and the hardy laughs that have surprisingly come from this show in the past.

Beyond the ending of OITNB, we got a lot more drama than we bargained for in Season 4.

Sure, it's a show about women in prison, but each season prior to the fourth has been pretty lighthearted. 

Things took a serious turn as we got to see prison politics at their very worst — and how those politics were the first in a long line of events that led to the death of one OITNB's most coveted characters — Poussey.

What made Poussey's death hurt even worse is that it came as we watched her budding romance with So-So, her growing friendship with Taystee, and the other monumental life events that occurred for her while behind bars.

Of all the characters, Poussey was the one we were all rooting for.

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Ever since last summer, I've done my best to block out her tragic death because I just wasn't ready to deal with it. I spent so much time crying over Poussey's life and death that you'd never know she was fictional.

But perhaps on some level, I was mourning the all-to-familiar circumstances of her death.

They are circumstances that black Americans are forced to deal with almost daily in our lives.

They are circumstances that make me feel as though watching the news hurts me more than knowing what's going on in the world helps.

Whatever the case is I know that I haven't truly processed her death and with that, I'm not positive that I'm excited for another season of political prison turmoil. 

I'm not ready to have my heart broken again before it's even had a chance to heal from our dear Poussey.

And it almost seems inevitable as injustice and justice are major themes alluded to in the Season 5 trailer.

So, I guess I have a month to prepare for more ugly crying  — and you might want to get ready, too.