Alaska Politician Thinks Women Get Abortions For A Free Trip To The Big City

Photo: alaska dispatch news

Yeah. That's why, dude.

When I was about 13 years old, I read Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale for the first time.

I finished it in one sitting. I remember where I was when I read it. I remember what I was wearing.

Atwood's book about a future where women were enslaved so that their bodies could be used as deemed fit by a government of men was terrifying. I never thought that no matter how bad things got for women in this country, that I would think of the book as an adult and shudder because of how prescient it was

But here we are, and that's exactly what I'm doing. 

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It is impossible to deny that women's rights are being compromised under the GOP-led Congress and the Trump administration.

By passing the ACHA on to the Senate, the House ostensibly took a public stand against women. Rather than receive the medical care we need at the same cost of others, women who are raped, pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or even trying not to be pregnant will be charged more money for all of these things.

The message is clear: Donald Trump's government does not care about women. 

If you're on the fence, let me help you on over to my side tell you about Alaska State Representative David Eastman.

On a local radio show, Eastman, a Republican (but you knew that already), recently took women to task for having access to Medicaid-funded travel in order to receive an abortion because of a lack of local providers.  

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I'll let his words speak for him: 

“You have individuals who are in villages and are glad to be pregnant so that they can have an abortion because there’s a free trip to Anchorage involved. We’ve created an incentive structure where people are now incented [editor's note: 100% NOT a word, but it's what he said] to carry their pregnancy longer than they would otherwise, and then take part in [an abortion] when they wouldn’t otherwise be doing it.”

Eastman has no actual evidence that this is true.

When asked for examples and proof he said, "I know of some instances where it has happened."

These types of unsubstantiated accusations are apparently acceptable these days thanks to our president, Donald Trump, a compulsive liar.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth where real things are real, research indicates that women who have to travel long distances to get abortions are actually less likely to get them. Because, you know, travel is expensive, and when you're dealing with terminating a pregnancy, you've got bigger fish to fry.

Distance is a problem for women who need abortions, not a fun bonus. 

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A woman seeking an abortion is exercising not just her legal right as decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. She is exercising her very basic rights over her own body. Statements like those issued by Eastman, a man so thick that he invents words with the same sort of vapid carelessness with which he invents facts, are harmful.

This isn't about governmental greed anymore, it's about basic human liberties.

You can bet your ass that if men could get pregnant there would be abortion providers alongside every McDonalds and Burger King. Sadly, they can't. Trump would sign that motion in a trice.

The fact that we are punishing people and in some cases giving them death sentences because of their biology should be a hate crime.