Glitter Champagne! You Can Now Put Rose Gold Shimmer Into Your Prosecco

Photo: popaball.co.uk
popaball, rose gold glitter, prosecco

Brunch will never be the same.

We are a society who are difficult to impress. With so much instant gratification, it seems that we need more and more to get us excited. Even celebrating life over a glass of Prosecco isn’t enough to impress, and that is why rose gold glitter is now a thing.

With this edible glitter designed specifically for Prosecco, you can now add color and excitement to your bubbly beverage.

According to Delish, a U.K based kitchenware company, Lakeland, has designed this edible rose gold glitter for Prosecco drinkers. It's called Popaball and by adding just a dash to your glass, it will give off a pretty in pink, rose hue.

Reading more about it, I feel pretty certain that every lady out there will want this for their bachelorette parties, wedding showers and ladies night out.

It is marketed for Prosecco but it can actually be added to anything that fizzes. Even add it to sparkling water to get the lovely rose color and the raspberry taste associated with it.

The product gets even cuter as the mix contains heart confetti made out of edible gold leafs. It’s actually the bubbles in the drink that make the swirls and confetti do their thing, so don’t try adding it to your tap water.

Photos: Popaball

Unfortunately, Lakeland doesn’t ship to the U.S., but not all hope is lost! Lovers of pretty booze drinks can order the product directly from the Popaball company who makes it (among other interesting drink add-ins). Just be ready to part with your money because the shipping prices can cost up to $20. Yikes!

If you’re the type of person who likes to have the newest and latest before anyone else, you can certainly impress your guests with your glittery party trick. And if you are a bridesmaid who is planning that bachelorette party, this could be the ultimate add-on that gets your friend to love you forever.