You Can Now Eat 'Green Juice' Gummi Bears (And Cleanse Your Body With Candy)

Photo: delish
green juice gummy bears

You can do a juice cleanse without the gross juice.

Now that I’m adulting like a pro, I no longer allow myself to buy candy anytime I want. The days of eating entire batches of cupcakes and jumbo bags of jelly beans are over for me.

I’ve lost about fifteen pounds since my days of not giving a damn, but every once and a while, I’m dying for some candy.

Now that green juice gummy bears are a thing, I feel the clouds parting on the dreary days of healthy snacks. I can eat candy, and still be healthy. Yes, there is hope for humanity!

Uniting for the greater good of the public, Sugarfina and Pressed Juicery have made an epic collaboration. It all started off in jest believe it or not, as the company announced a “Gummy Bear Cleanse” as an April Fool’s joke.

However, the market spoke up, contacting the brand and asking how they could get their hands on this candy cleanse. So, they decided to make this a real thing.

The green juice gummy bears are obviously green and are made up of apple, ginger, spinach, and lemon. And their coloring is made up from turmeric and spirulina.

"We loved the idea of gummy bears inspired by the juice trend, but we had no idea it would be so in demand," said Rosie O'Neill and Josh Resnick, co-founders of Sugarfina. "We called up our L.A. neighbor Pressed Juicery and had a ton of fun collaborating with them on the recipe."

Photos: Delish

The CEO of Pressed Juicery, Hayden Slater, said, "We're serious about what we do, but we don't take ourselves too seriously."

So, how do these gummies measure up on the health spectrum? Well, they’re gluten-free, fat-free, and have 20 percent of the necessary intake of vitamin A and C.

Recently released, these healthy gummies can be bought in stores and also online. The price range is $3 to $14. They come in small sizes that can be used as ice cream toppings, or larger sizes that can just be eaten on their own.