5 Reasons You SHOULD Watch 'GirlBoss' On Netflix Even Though People Think It's Not 'Feminist' Enough

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Reasons You NEED To Watch GirlBoss On Netflix Based Off Nasty Gal

Because not everything has to have a feminist agenda!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who spent nearly 7 hours this weekend binge-watching the new Netflix original Girlboss?

If you have, then I love you in case I die. *wink*

If you haven't, then you can continue reading because there won't be hardcore spoilers.

And let's be honest, it's not like this is Game of Thrones — no one dies.

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

Girlboss is based off Sophia Amoruso's book about how she went from literally nothing to being the CEO of her own multi-million dollar fashion business, Nasty Gal.

Before I dove head first into the show, I checked out some reviews which is something I never do, but I was curious if the show was for me.

I read a lot of negativity surrounding Sophia, feminism, and even a review that states, "If you watch Girlboss and love it, I want you to get help."

Harsh, no?


Why can't we just enjoy a show for what it is? Entertainment!

Not everything has to have an agenda, and those calling this out for not being the feminist show they hoped it would be are looking in the wrong place.

Unlike 13 Reasons Why which tackles difficult subjects and opens up a dialogue that has long since been needed, Girlboss is a show to be enjoyed for its acting, story line, and the inspiration to follow your dreams despite the many setbacks you'll likely face.

Here are the reasons I think you definitely need to watch Girlboss:

1. The portrayal of young adult narcissism is on point.

ComingSoon (Sophia)

Everyone keeps talking about how Sophia (played by Britt Robertson) was incredibly selfish and narcissistic but hold up ... when you were 23-years-old, what were you doing?

I had just met my husband, worked a dead-end job and lived with my parents.

How many young adults do you know that have it all together?

How many adults do you know that have it all together?

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Yes, Sophia has less than desirable qualities but this is a show "loosely based on a true story." And just like in real life, no one is perfect.

Better yet, you may see some of yourself in Sophia and realize you're not that different.

So stop looking for Cinderella and enjoy the freakin' show!

2. It shows the true trials and tribulations of friendship.

Amazon (Sophia and Annie)

Sophia's best friend is Annie (played by Ellie Reed), the lovable ride-or-die that she meets while spending a few hours in jail during a baseball game.

At one point, Annie sees that she's not in Sophia's top 8 on MySpace (this takes place roughly 2005-2006).

After telling Sophia how much it means to her, Annie still doesn't make the top of her list because Sophia's using her page for business and feels like Annie is just making a big deal out of nothing.

So let's take a trip down memory lane.

Ah, the days of MySpace and my bestest friend, Tom. Remember him? I wonder what he's up to. 

Anyway, the top 8.

I would spend hours (sadly, I'm not exaggerating) deciding who would go into my top 8. Because you want to include your besties, but you also don't want to put someone up there that doesn't reciprocate.

Hours of my life wasted studying profiles on MySpace and here I am, years later doing the same on Facebook.

Life is weird and complicated but so is friendship and Girlboss makes it relatable AF.

3. The patriarchy is alive and well in Girlboss.

Inuth (Sophia)

Sophia tries to find her a space for herself in a world dominated by men, including her father and a shady landlord that looked like he belonged on the set of The Sopranos instead.

Either way, she fights hard to win the game because she has to; she has no other choice if she wants to succeed.

Is she always 100% ethical or perfect in her behavior?

No. But those who live in glass houses shall not throw stones.

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And she was building a freakin' empire at 23. I know people who can't even build a fake Sim's empire at 23-years-old.

Haters gonna hate!

4. Sophia had a dream and did what she had to in order to succeed.


I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here, but at 23, I had no idea where my life would take me. Most people don't.

Sophia found her passion and did everything she had to, including facing her phobia of bridges, to achieve success.

She's driven in a way you don't see most young people on TV.

I'm nearly 35-years-old and the show had me inspired to continue my dreams.

Sophia Amoruso is my new role model!

Suck it TV reviewers who think I need help for thinking this way and negating a show about a successful woman who knows what she wants.

5. The soundtrack, cast, and creative team are AH-mazing!

GotCeleb/YouTube (Charlize Theron and Dean Norris)

If you saw the show, did you recognize the actor who plays Sophia's dad?

It's none other than Dean Norris who rose to success during his stint on Breaking Bad.

But wait, there's more!

Dean Norris is no stranger to Britt Robertson; they were both in the CBS drama, Under The Dome.

And did you know that Charlize Theron executive produced Girlboss?

No wonder it rocks so damn hard!

And the music? I was basically headbanging the entire show and no, I haven't stopped listening to the songs on Spotify!

OK! Ready to see and hear the REAL Sophia? Check her out here in an interview with The Today Show back in 2016: