18 Book-Themed Gifts For Your Favorite Bibliophile Who LOVES To Read

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gifts for book lovers

Bibliophiles, unite!

Bibliophiles love books. Maybe even more than they love their own family members. You may have met one, have a bibliophile as a friend, or maybe you are one yourself.

These avid book lovers can be seen roaming around used bookstores, pouring over the bargain book box at garage sales, and creepily sniffing pages when they think no one is looking. A bibliophile will probably talk about having a floor to ceiling library with a rolling ladder in their home one day and has likely started their collection from a young age. They will talk about how much they love reading but will be hesitant to lend you any of their books.

Bibliophiles are awesome and if you know one, here are 17 gifts for book lovers guaranteed to bring out their nerdiness.

1. This Is How We Roll T-shirt

This sassy little number will give you, and your book-loving friends a good laugh. 

(Out of Print, $28)

2. Penguin Books Mug

You’ll definitely recognize this famous print if you love books!

(Penguin Shop, $11.55)

3. Literary Crop Top

Smart meets sexy with these literary crop tops.

(Etsy, $15)

4. F. Scott Fitzgerald Tea

Bibliophiles also have a thing for tea, making this one epic gift for book lovers.

(Etsy, $4.62)

5. Jane Eyre Bath Salts

Soaking in the tub with a good book just got WAY better.

(Etsy, $10)

6. Bookbook Laptop Case

Protect your laptop in a style that only a bibliophile would love.

(Twelvesouth, $79.99)

7. War Of The Worlds Necktie

These literary neck ties can make any suit look more sophisticated.

(Etsy, $24)

8. Mark Twain Quote Pillow

Snuggle up on the couch with a little Mark Twain wisdom.

(Etsy, $25)

9. Library Card Socks

Deck yourself out in bibliophile gear from head to toe with these library-themed socks.

(Out Of Print, $10)

10. Literary Book Scarf

Keep warm and look smart with this book-themed scarf.

(Etsy, $44)

11. Book Cover Wallet

There will always be a good book in your pocket with this wallet cover, themed on famous novels.

(Etsy, $45)

12. Antique Book Tissue Box

This is the perfect gift for book lovers who always talk about having a library in their house one day. A tissue box like this can help them get closer to that goal.

(Amazon, $19.99)

13. Book Earrings

These earrings literally have mini books in them and are the CUTEST things ever!


14. Aged Page Literary Candle

Any bibliophile will tell you that they LOVE the smell of old books. This candle’s scent will make their living smell just like a used bookstore.

(Etsy, $30)

15. Clear Acrylic Book Weight

Reading outside on a sunny day can finally be all it’s cracked up to be with this see-through book weight. Now you can read, drink a smoothie and put on sun block without worrying about the pages blowing in the breeze.

(Amazon, $19.99)

16. Literary Figures Vinyl Stickers

Pay homage to some of the big wigs like Edgar Allan Poe and Mark Twain by putting these vinyl stickers all over EVERYTHING!

(Etsy, $6)

17. I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie Pillow

Well, just because this thing is hilarious.

(Etsy, $25)

18. When In Doubt, Go To The Library Sweatshirt 

This is pretty much my philosophy on life. 

(Out of Print, $42)