5 Tiny DIY VAGINAS You Can Buy Your Friends, Family Or Favorite Feminist

felt vaginas

Wear your vagina on your sleeve — literally.

There is literally some kind of holiday, birthday or event EVERY single month. And finding presents that you can actually feel good about starts to become more difficult after the millionth birthday party. 

Luckily for you, the internet is full of intriguing little knick knacks that make great gifts, taking the pressure off of your creativity. Etsy, the best place on the internet to get handmade goods, is full of some pretty quirky gifts.

In fact, they have a whole section dedicated solely to felt vaginas!

(Etsy, $31)

Felt vaginas? I can’t even believe this is a thing, but apparently, there is a huge market for them. They are adorable, pretty and lovely, and are all of the things that vaginas should be, making them the perfect gift for anyone who wants to show off how proud they are of being a woman.

(Etsy, $29) 

It’s really not as creepy as it sounds. Think about it: women walking to work and the post office, sitting on the bus and drinking at the bars with little vaginas pinned to their shirts. It’s bound to be a movement that makes the whole of society feel more comfortable with the power of the p*ssy.

(Etsy, $10)

Browsing through the Etsy page, you can see tons of cute variations. There is a vagina ring holder, a vagina brooch, vagina embroidered needlepoint work, pins, top hats, ornaments, badges, earrings, wall decorations, uterus pins, and a whole lot more.

(Etsy, $12)

Have a friend who calls herself a feminist? Want to get an interesting gift for your sister this year? These felt vagina trinkets are perfect. What better way to show off how proud you are to be a lady? These are great as party favors, too.

(Etsy, $15)

Just the fact that they exist makes me super-excited for where the women’s movement will go next. Who would wear one of these?