8 Things To Know Before Falling For The Girl Who's Afraid To Love

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8 Things To Know About The Girl Who Thinks Love Is Scary

Be patient with her.

Everyone claims they want an unconditional, unimaginable love... until they get it and realize they can't handle it.

Loving someone with such power is an incredible gift, but it can also be a huge burden. So don't write off the girl who seems a little closed off just yet, because she's just waiting for someone who isn't afraid of her heart. 

1. She wants to take things slow, but only because she wants you to dive in first and prove that she can too. 


This girl's number one rule in life is to be sure of things. If you don't show her that you're all in, she'll hold back until she is sure she's safe. If she can't be herself around you because she's scared she won't be good enough or be 'too much', she'll jump ship before you have the chance.

2. She's still learning to love herself, so be patient with her.


She's been a little broken, and loving the girl who's learning to love herself means allowing her to take her time. 

3. She guards her heart, but she really just wants someone else to guard it too. 

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She puts up walls hoping someone will want to knock them down. She doesn't want to push you away, she just wants you to prove you're worthy of her effort and that you'll fight for her too. 

4. She wants to trust you, but she's scared.


Trust means being vulnerable and being vulnerable means you could break her heart. And she will avoid taking that risk at all costs. 

5. Hope terrifies her because expectations turn into disappointment.

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Getting her hopes up means getting let down. As soon as she drops her guard, she knows everything will come crashing down. 

6. She's used to being on her own.


Most of the people who promised to stay ended up leaving, so she's learned to rely on herself. She enjoys other people's company, but she never expects anything to last. So don't tell her you're going to stick around if you're not. 

7. She's tough and fiercely independent, but she doesn't always want to be. 


Being strong every single day isn't easy and while she's completely capable, she doesn't always want to be the tough one. She wants a partner, an equal, someone willing to take on life with her no matter what. 

8. All she really wants is someone who loves as hard as she does. 


She knows how intensely she loves and she knows that scares some people. So she keeps everyone at arm's length until she can be certain that she's allowed to love them without being deemed "crazy."

This article was originally published at PuckerMob. Reprinted with permission from the author.