Freckle Tattoos Are Now A Thing — And We Are A Little Freaked Out

Photo: WeHeartIt
Freckle tattoos

Is this for real?

Lip fillers, microblading, and now freckle tattoos?

No seriously, freckles tattoos are a thing, and it's the recent beauty trend that young women seem to be jumping on board with. 

Freckles used to be looked at as an imperfection, but now everybody wants them!

In the video above, the tattoo artist explains the tattoos are will eventually fade with over time. According to this article from The New York Times, freckle tattoos use pigment in lieu of ink, can last up to three years and cost about $250.

In the same article, tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow explains, "I’d say for freckles, it’s clients who naturally will get some in the summertime with sun exposure, but want them yearlong." The Montreal-based tattoo artist started first experimented with tattooing freckles after seeing her friend having difficulty painting them on.

She told beauty publication NewBeauty that, "I really don’t recommend tattooing your own face, but once I saw that it worked out, and I liked the effect, I decided to do hers.”

But you also have the option of freckle stencils for those who don't wanna go down the tattoo route.

So ok like I guess they're cute and all but honestly I don't get it.

Women get breast implants because they want bigger boobs, or get rhinoplasty's because they think their nose is too big (or maybe that's just me), but adding freckles to your face is ... different.

But who are we to judge, it's not OUR face, if you want freckles on your face, go for it!

Maybe try the stencils first to be sure you'll even like the look before going for the longer-lasting look.