WHOA. Katy Perry Just Cut Her Hair Off And She Looks JUST Like Miley Cyrus

Photo: DailyMail
Katy Perry's New Breakup Hair Cut

Yes, she did the post-breakup haircut thing...

If you haven’t already heard, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are no longer a couple. 

I know. It’s OK. You can take a minute to gather yourself. I’ll wait. It hit me hard, too.

On Wednesday, Katy Perry’s rep confirmed to Page Six that the two had split with the following statement:

“Before rumors or falsifications get out of hand we can confirm that Orlando and Katy are taking a respectful, loving space at this time.”

The wording totally reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow's "conscious uncoupling." Why can't celebrities just say it straight? "We broke the eff up. Let me live!"

But that is exactly what Katy Perry is doing.

Not only did she tweet about the breakup:

She did the thing so many women do right after a major break-up: She had her hair cut in a dramatic new style! (Yes, a post-breakup haircut!) 

Katy Perry said that actress Michelle Williams was her inspiration for the breakup hair cut ...

But she reminds me of another famed tattooed singer.

Take one look at this picture of Miley Cyrus next to her and tell me they aren't brand spankin' new twins!

Come on, now!

Chris McMillan, Jennifer Anniston's stylist since Friends was actually Must See TV, did the cut for Katy Perry — and she documented part of it on Instagram!

Though no official confirmation as to why Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom broke up, there were some pretty interesting photos taken of Orlando Bloom cozying up to another woman — Erin McCabe — at a pre-Oscars party.​

Of course, it could be completely innocent. I just know that if I saw my boo in pictures like that, I'd be pretty heartbroken.

But it looks like Katy Perry is happy and doing just fine (and loving her breakup haircut)!

She's been posting a ton of pictures with her smiling. It looks to me like she's perfectly OK without a man.

Katy Perry, if you're reading this: You do you.

Whether you like Michelle, Miley, or just your own gorgeous self — we think you look fabulous with your short hair!