12 Sexy Texts That Tell Her Good Morning And SO Much More

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Dear dudes:

You're bad at sending sweet and sexy good morning texts. 

We know you like us. We know you want to have sex with us. We know you love hanging out with us. We know you miss us. But you're absolutely the worst at letting us know it using your words. 

News flash: sending us a message that says "hey" after we just gave you the best blowjob of your life doesn't make us feel all warm and fuzzy. It makes us feel like you need a remedial lesson in how to send sexy good morning texts for her. 

Luckily, we here at YourTango are in the business of teaching both men and women how to communicate more effectively with the people they love, so sharing 12 sexy good morning texts for her is basically all in a day's work. 

Now please, stop just sending her unsolicited pictures of your penis. No one wants to see that, maybe ever, but definitely not before they've had their first cup of coffee.

1. I can't stop thinking about last night. 

A perfect sexy morning text to send to her after spending a hot night together. It keeps the memory in her mind (like she could forget that dick anyway, amiright?) 

2. This morning was a better wake-up call than my coffee.

Did the two of you enjoy a little morning sex session?  Have good manners and say "thanks for the lovin'" with this sweet but sexy wake-up text


3. When you're working today, I want you to remember that I'm thinking about you totally naked and ready. 

Get her ready for the next time you two bump uglies. By which I mean sex, in case that wasn't clear. Because board meetings suck, but being all wet and bothered during a board meeting is HOT. 

4. Good morning to the woman who just thinking about kept me up all night. 

Fact: All women love knowing that the dude we care about has been thinking about us. And if he's thinking of us while having an erection, even better. 

5. I'm so glad it's finally morning so I can text you and say hello.

Sweet, charming, and just a little boyish. This one makes her think of her middle school crush, and who doesn't want to conjure those giddy memories? 


6. Just 8 hours until the sexiest woman alive is in my bed. 

It's all about the anticipation with this sweet countdown of a text. 

7. Why isn't my mouth on your nipples right now?

There's a sweet text, there's a sexy text, and then there's the I want it NOW text. Guess which one this is?

8. Good morning, beautiful. 

Keep it simple, keep it sweet, and never let her forget. 

9. I'm so lucky to have you in my life. 

Let her know just how much getting to know her has transformed the way you live.

10. I'm so lucky to BE in your life. 

Go one step further and let her know that YOU know you're so lucky she picked you. 


11. Is it wrong I'm already waiting for the sun to set and to have you in my arms? 

I love this one because it not only lets her know you're thinking of her, it also starts a conversation. And we all know having a fun and flirty text exchange definitely makes the day go by that much faster. 

12. Good morning to the sexy, powerful, loving woman who makes my world go 'round.

Because who doesn't love to be greeted with a teeny, tiny bit of worship? Answer: NO ONE THAT IS WHO.