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5 Subtle-But-Foolproof Ways To Make Him Think You're INCREDIBLY Sexy

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Do you wish you were sexier but think it's impossible? It's not! Don't fall into the trap of thinking that being born sexy is the only way.

The truth is that anyone can learn how to be sexy. The only problem is that there's so much bad advice out there — whether it's from a celebrity who's naturally gifted in the looks department or a psychologist who rarely leaves his office.

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You're in luck, because what men really find sexy from any woman is something I'm about to go into great detail about. Here's how to make him think you're sexy and what you can do immediately to appear sexier in your appearance.

1. Slow down and accentuate your body language.

Without a doubt, the most powerful thing you can do right now to instantly boost your sex appeal is to slow down. When I say slow down, I mean slow down your movements and your speech, not your thinking. Instead of rushing down the hallway everywhere you go, slow down and accentuate your movements. It's surprisingly simple and easy to do, yet it will dramatically improve your sex appeal.

Another example is when you're talking to someone and trying to make a point. Waving your arms about quickly and erratically may help to win your argument, but it isn't particularly sexy and usually isn't needed. The same applies to how fast you talk. Don't ever feel like you have to get every word out of your mouth as quickly as possible? Slowing down how fast you talk by just 10 percent is a really fabulous way to appear sexier.

2. Make strong eye contact.

If you want to learn how to act sexier, you shouldn't have to trade your dignity and self-worth for it — ever. That's why learning how to make strong eye contact is a fantastic way to look sexy and powerful at the same time. The next time you're talking to a guy, try making strong eye contact with him as you're talking. It's a great way to say, "Hey, I'm confident and I know what I like."

But just like with slowing your movements down, there's a fine line between powerful, sexy eye contact and weird, stalker eye contact. You're going to look like a stalker if you always make unflinching eye contact with your man, without ever breaking it. A much better way is to hold eye contact with him until he breaks it first, about once every five minutes or so, while you're talking. Any more than this and he may start to feel uncomfortable.

3. Be sexy, not slutty.

People think they need to dress in the skimpiest, most revealing clothes they can find. This certainly may attract guys, but it will attract them for the wrong reasons. Unless you're looking for a one-night stand, this isn't something you want to do.

At the same time, it's important to wear clothes that show off the best parts of your body and help to improve your overall look and attractiveness. You need to find a balance between both. The same goes for your hair, makeup, jewelry, and shoes.

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4. Don't forget to touch him.

It's no secret that your looks are important to guys. But as well as looks, another great way to attract them and get their attention is to touch them. Now, this doesn't mean you should touch them at every single opportunity. 

What's sexy is when you touch them sporadically. These are the best times to do this:

  • When you're making a point
  • When you say hello
  • When you say goodbye
  • When they say something funny

Touching a guy at any of these times is totally natural and normal and is how to make him think you're sexy. And when you do touch him, it's usually best to just touch him on the arm or back.

5. Build sexual tension.

This is actually a lot more powerful than any of the other techniques since it's what will keep guys thinking about you when you're not around. The easiest way to build sexual tension is through teasing your guy, play-fighting and generally having fun, all the while making sure he knows you have fun. 

This is the perfect way to let your man know that you're awesome to hang out with; that you like being around him, but you don't necessarily need him.

Check out the video below to learn more about the science of sex appeal:


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