'Love Has No Labels' Video Is So Beautiful, It'll Make You Cry All The Tears

Photo: Youtube
love has no labels orlando victim

We're not crying ...OK, yes we are.

There are times that we question the world we live in and there are times we are reminded of all that is good in this world.

And right now, the world seems brilliant, bright and beautiful.

In case you didn't see, the beautiful video Love Has No Labels posted on their Facebook page, you need to watch it.

Warning: you might want to have a box of tissues ready.

Told you to get the tissues.

When I saw this video, I cried. Partially because I cry easily but mostly because it is the most beautiful video I have seen in a LONG time.

They took something that is so common, something that happens at almost every sporting event you go to, and turned it into a positive message.

They reminded the world that it doesn't matter who you are because love is love.

Some people may love differently than you do.

Some people have disabilities.

Some people have different skin then you do.

Some people are young.

Some people are old.

And everyone in this wonderful country that we live in — no, this world that we live in — deserves the beauty that is love.

Love Has No Labels summed it up perfectly: "We’re fans of love, no matter age, race, gender, sexuality, disability or religion. Share to show the world that #LoveHasNoLabels"

Really, there are no better words.

This is love and this is America and I could not be prouder to live here.