Why The Heck Did CeeLo Flip The Bird In His Gold Outfit While Leaving Grammys?

Photo: SheKnows
CeeLo Green Gold Grammys Mask Outfit

It was BY FAR the best part of the night!

There were many memorable moments at the 2017 Grammy Awards — President Agent-Orange, Bruno Mars straight-up slaying Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy,” multiple technical problems, and Adele basically apologizing to Beyoncé for “25” winning Best Album over “Lemonade.”

But, if pressed to choose, my FAVORITE Grammy moment was one that DID NOT make the actual telecast. It involved CeeLo Green making one of the greatest exists in award show history.

Chances are, if you wanted any of the red carpet/pre-show coverage, you definitely saw CeeLo Green. Heck, you could see him from space.

CeeLo used the red carpet to debut his new musical alter ago, Gnarly Davidson. (You might remember that the song that originally put CeeLo on the map, “Crazy,” was released under the name “Gnarls Barkley.”)

Gnarly Davison is one part Ra the Sun God, one part Destro from GI Joe, and one part Goldmember from Austin Powers 3. His whole look was big, theatrical, and, well, crazy.

It inspired some fantastic reactions on Twitter:

BUT just walking around in a crazy gold costume was NOT CeeLo’s finest moment at the Grammys. That moment came as he left.

The singer left early — a popular meme said it was because he didn’t win anything, but CeeLo wasn’t actually nominated for anything at this year’s Grammys.

So maybe he was just tired of the event or maybe he was suffocating under all of that gold makeup like the girl from Goldfinger or maybe Gnarly Davidson is just one surly alter ego… for WHATEVER reason, CeeLo’s exit from the Grammys was beautifully ANGRY:

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Kind of perfect from the singer of “F*ck You,” right?

People might’ve cried at Adele’s speech or laughed at the Twenty-One Pilots guys in their underwear, but, after watching the Grammys, and mourning for Prince and “Lemonade,” we were ALL CeeLo Green, covered in gold, giving the world two BIG middle fingers.

And nothing James Corden did captured the mood of the room better than CeeLo’s exit, a moment that tapped into the how we were all feeling AND created a GIF that should be added to the GIF keyboard right NOW.