Evan Rachel Wood's Suit Proves NO Girl Needs A Dress To Look FAB

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Evan Rachel Wood Makes Feminist Statement At Golden Globe Awards
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Not only was her style on point, but so was her message.

At the Golden Globe Awards, 29-year-old actress Evan Rachel Wood wore a custom Altuzarra suit as homage to Marlene Dietrich, Victor Victoria and David Bowie, “because it’s his birthday,” she explained.

When asked about her fashion choice of the night, she stated, “This is my third nomination and I’ve been to the Globes six times, and I’ve worn a dress every time.

And I love dresses, I’m not trying to protest dresses, but I wanted to make sure that young girls and women knew they aren’t a requirement."


And that you don’t have to wear one if you don’t want to, and to just be yourself because your worth is more than that.”

Evan Rachel Wood’s suit was a subtle yet powerful statement against gender expectations in dress and fashion.

This past year, in 2016, pantsuits were a trending topic thanks to former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, whose signature pantsuits drew the attention of the public. 


As a result of Hillary’s signature look, pantsuits became the choice of fashion to express support for the female presidential candidate in 2016.  

A group of Facebook supporters even popped up — known as Pantsuit Nation — and pointed attention to the significance of the pantsuit in challenging gender expectations, since the suit as a clothing article is traditionally seen as “a man’s prerogative.” 


In the same light, Evan Rachel Wood’s suit was a fashionable display of female choice. While dresses are the traditional choice of fashion for females, Evan Rachel Wood’s decision to wear a suit showed that women’s choices in fashion are not restricted, and her decision to not wear a dress illustrates that women are not relegated to certain gender expectations.      

Wood’s feminist message couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. After Donald Trump won the 2016 election, many women have been concerned about how his presidency would affect the rights of females.

After all, Trump has made numerous comments that disrespect women’s bodies and women’s choices. With his upcoming presidency comes uncertainty over what will happen to women’s place in America.

Evan Rachel Wood’s fashion statement is a subtle reminder to girls of the freedom they have in their choices, and her message serves as an inspiration for girls during a time when female choices are threatened.