20 Brilliantly Accurate Tweets Describing 2016 In 4 Words

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20 Brilliant Twitter Responses That Describe 2016 In 4 Words

Will … it … never … end?

How would you describe 2016 using only four words?

(What if I said you couldn’t use profanity? Makes it harder, right?)

This won’t surprise any of you, but 2016 has developed a reputation as one of the worst years EVER, or, at the very least, one of the hardest years in recent memory.


Despite occasional rays of optimism — The Cubs win! Stranger Things! Ryan Lochte got arrested! — this was a year when far too many of our childhood idols died, events like Brexit and the 2016 American Presidential Election divided the world, and, overall, there was a pervasive sense that we’re creeping ever closer to living the first act of a post-apocalyptic Mad Max movie.

(Friggin' Debbie Reynolds the day after her daughter died? THE DAY AFTER? It's just cruel.)

This was a HARD year and now there’s a new hashtag trending that’s trying to get people to boil down their feelings about 2016 into just four simple words.

#2016In4Words is all over Twitter at the moment, as Twitter users work to sum up a year that most people can’t wait to be done with. For the most part, beyond the fever dreams of Cubs fans, 2016 WILL NOT be missed, but it’s pretty damn fun to try to capture the year’s craziness in the shortest way possible.

We’ve been browsing the hashtag thread all day — crying and laughing and then crying some more — and here are 20 of our favorite Twitter attempts to describe 2016 using only four words.


Forget George R.R. Martin? Did Lemony Snicket write 2016?

Played this game WAY too often this year...


  It died with Bowie and Prince.

  May the Force be with her.

  And him too.

  Back to the Future Part 2 was only 1 year off...


  So do we.

Given the number of celebrity deaths, this seems accurate...

Guess He/She/It wasn't a Cubs fan.

It feels like we spent a year in the Red Room.

Please no.

RIP Harambe ...


Also accurate. (And scary.)

We agree.

Waiting for the punchline...

Remember the two weeks we were all into Pokemon Go? Craziness.

We ****ing hope so.

(How would you describe 2016 in 4 words? Go on Twitter and contribute your own take!)