12 Ways To Get Over A Crush (Even When It Feels Impossible)

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get over a crush

Love can HURT!

Love sucks.

In the beginning, it's wonderful. It fills you with this permanent happy feeling where you understand all the books, movies, and songs that never really made sense before and it seems like everything is possible.

But the problem is that crushes can only end one of two ways: you're one of the lucky few to crush on someone who feels the same way and you guys give it a shot, or they don't feel the same way, and it's a one-sided love.

Whether you're crushing on your friend, a co-worker, that cute guy you sit next to every day on the way to work (or someone you totally should not be crushing on!) these are the only two options you're faced with.

And while we all dream our crush will end in the first scenario (preferably with some dramatic music in the background and a hot passionate kiss), we know that many don't end up that way.

Many end up with their crushes going unrecognized or unrequited.

Which hurts like heck and leaves you with the soul-crushing, heart-numbing emptiness that leaves you feeling hollow and yet, still totally in love.


Doesn't matter if you're 14 or 40 - a one-way crush hurts the same.

But like all broken hearts, we have to move on. I know it may seem impossible, but here are 12 ways to get over a crush — so you can have a chance at finding the real thing.

1. Tell a friend.


Very often we like to keep our crushes, especially when we know it won't go anywhere, to ourselves so that we're the only ones to know about our awkward one-sided crush.

But telling one friend will be freeing. Your friend might be able to help point out how a relationship with your crush wouldn't work which is a great way to help you move on.

Also, if someone knows, they can make sure you don't do anything stupid that you'll regret and will be there to support you which is a huge bonus.

2. Cry.


There is nothing more therapeutic than a good cry.

And while yes, having a crush isn't actually being in a relationship, the pain is the same as a breakup: a broken heart.

Once you get the tears out, you will feel better, trust us. If you're more comfortable, rent some sad movies like Titanic or something else sad and heartbreaking: sometimes we need to see something sad to be able to really express our own sadness.

3. Have plenty of dates with Netflix.


Distract yourself with some of those shows you keep meaning to watch or catch up on that have just gotten away from you.

Besides, there is really no better cure to move on from a crush that to find a new one and with so many movies or tv shows at your disposal...so many people to choose from!

4. Pamper yourself.


Go to a spa, use face masks, get a manicure, get a makeover: do something to remind yourself of how beautiful and wonderful you really are.

We tend to forget when we realize someone doesn't like us that it has nothing to do with us. I'll say it again: they may not like you but it has NOTHING to do with you not being good enough.

So take some time to remind yourself how awesome you really are.

5. Focus on your hobbies.


Now is your time to finish that novel you started or work on that painting you've been meaning to start.

All of that time you've been spending thinking of your crush and dreaming of them can be used to do something else that matters to you.

6. Tell him/her.


I know, I know — it sounds crazy. And if we're being honestly, this isn't for everyone. But if it's possible, tell him.

If you can't do it to his face (or any other way where he'd know it was you), consider an anonymous email - yay free Gmail accounts!- or a handwritten note.

It's easier to get over someone once you've been able to get your feelings out.

7. Try something new.


Take a pottery class or learn to cook or maybe sign up for an online dating site. Do something new to give yourself a distraction and to find something else to focus your passion on.

Besides, you'll meet new people and meeting new people can help you move on as well.

8. Exercise.


First of all, you'll feel better about yourself and once you feel better about yourself, you'll be less likely to pine for a guy who wasn't interested in you.

Plus, exercising releases endorphins which makes you happy and happy people can move on.

9. Find a flaw.


Chances are you put your crush up on a pedestal and didn't see any bad in them. But no one in perfect and the best way to move on is to find something that your crush did that you didn't like or couldn't live with.

There's nothing like bursting a bubble to help you move on.

10. Make a change.


Don't be the same person who waited for someone who didn't like you back.

Easiest way to not be that person is to change something: get a haircut, dye your hair, get new clothes that you'd have never worn before.

It doesn't have to be too drastic but be a new person and you'll find it easier to move on.

11. Clean him/her out of your life.


We're not saying cut them out of your lives (although if they aren't a super close friend or co-worker, that's an option too).

But maybe distance yourself for a while and definitely get rid of anything you might have been keeping of his/hers.

That means any gifts you don't need, any holiday cards they sent, any pens they lent to you and it's time to delete all those pictures you saved so you could look at them whenever you wanted.

12. But most importantly, don't hold resentment.


It might seem easier to just hate the guy for not liking you. But even hating someone is having a feeling towards them. You need to let it go - let all feelings go - in order to be able to move on.

No one said this would be easy, but it IS worth it.

Because out there, waiting, is the right one and the only way you'll be able to find them is if you've moved on from from your crush.