10 Ways The Media Makes It IMPOSSIBLE For Men To Have Good Marriages

10 Ways Pop Culture Ruins Men’s To Have Good Relationships

Eff you, pop culture.

Call me crotchety or whatever, but I honestly have stopped liking pop culture a long time ago. Whether it's the latest jam on the radio or a "romantic" movie I'm supposed to love, most of my day is now spent avoiding mainstream culture and doing my own thing.

You're probably wondering what a hip woman like me would have against it all. What made me hate it can be seen in the dating scene, especially when it comes to men's outlooks on life, love, and attracting women. Here are some of the ways I've noticed it changing men for the worse.

1. Pop culture ascertains that the guy always gets the girl, and the girl is always a 10.

This always infuriates me, especially when it comes to romantic comedies. It basically feeds this idea to guys that makes them think they're entitled to a woman who loves them. Not only that, but it also tells them that they can look like a sack of crap and still pull knockout women.

Considering how much media has hammered home this idea that every man gets a gorgeous woman regardless of his faults or her interest, does it really shock anyone that so many men throw a fit when their reality doesn't live up to their expectations?

2. Even though it's gotten better over the years, there's still an undertone in a lot of pop culture about women "asking for it."


Think about the song "Blurred Lines" for a moment. It's all about a woman who "wants it but wants to be a good girl." This song didn't come out in 1957. It came out a couple years back. That and just about every movie has a female character who feigns disinterest but really wants the lead character. On behalf of all people ever born female, I raise a middle finger to you, Hollywood.

3. Pop culture gave rise to f*ckboy culture.

Sorry, but it's true. When pop stars talk about women being disposable and rap about going "onto the next," they're condoning f*ckboy culture. No one is disposable, and the fact that we're starting to see each other that way really upsets me.

4. Just about every song, film, and book brainwashes men into thinking that sex is the only way they can validate their existence.


It's not only that, it's that it makes men think that they need LOTS of sex with LOTS of different women. Truth is that large quantities of sex won't make you happy or fulfilled. Love and sex with the right people or person will. But if you listen to the lessons pop culture hint at, validation only comes with rolling in the hay with many women.

5. Pop culture reinforces the idea that men and women have different sets of emotions.

Ever notice how women are often portrayed as hysterical or baby-crazy, while men are either bumbling oafs or emotionless supersoldiers? Why is it that there never seems to be any "in between?" We're all human and have similar emotions, thoughts, and dreams. The fact that pop culture makes us seem like aliens to one another is worrying at best.

6. To make matters worse, it encourages women to show skin...then slams them for it.


Hollywood and mainstream music encourages women to show skin... but then quickly slams women for doing it. Guys parrot this behavior. It pisses me off and pisses off other women. Why? Because it's a lose-lose scenario.

7. Then, there's the body-shaming aspect.

I've met a lot of guys who basically expected every woman's tits to look like porn star boobs. Not cool, not realistic, and not a good look for anyone. Guess what contributed to all that? Fashion culture, music videos, and Hollywood.

8. We also have the mainstream trope about women being gold diggers or the enemy.


This is not helping anyone. In fact, it's making misogyny more widespread and accepted. How can we actually respect pop culture when it keeps bringing this up?

9. Then, there's the way marriage is portrayed differently to each gender.

Women's novels show marriage as the be-all, end-all of happiness. Men's television shows make it seem like there's nothing but doom and gloom. And we really have to wonder why guys hate commitment?

10. Lastly, pop culture portrays real love as effortless. 


Yeah, right. If you've ever been in a long-distance relationship, you know that real love takes work and that no one is 100 percent perfect. Why is it, then, that pop culture keeps talking about these perfect people who always will live happily ever after? It places terrible expectations on guys and girls alike, and it's time Hollywood gets real about what normal relationships are like.