A Strong Woman Scares People Because She's Whole All By Herself

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And doesn't need anyone to validate her.

Inner strength is probably one of the hardest things to come by. 

We all say we want confidence and self-love, but we never do the work. We distract ourselves with guys and friends and Netflix documentaries. We let the days fly by and act like the strong woman we want to be is just slightly out of reach. 

We make excuses for our bad behavior and how we treat ourselves with disrespect. We put up with toxic relationships because we act like that's as good as we'll ever get.

We don't fight for ourselves, and then complain about how no one fights for us.

Everyone wants love and happiness, but apparently not badly enough. You think we would have learned by now that you can't find those things in other people. You can only find them within yourself.


So how does one become a strong woman? While it's not as simple as getting a sassy haircut and wearing red nail polish, the work itself is pretty straightforward: you have to make decisions every day that reflects respect for yourself. 

This means eating to nourish your body, not picking at your face every night, saying no to guys who you know will hurt you, getting enough sleep and wearing clothes that make you feel fierce AF.

It's avoiding things that make you feel bad and making time for things that make you feel good

Every. Single. Day. 

While on paper it seems like common sense, it's hard to maintain that attitude every day.

Because doing things for yourself out of love will make you feel good in the long term, but the things that are bad for you can make you feel good right now. 


That's why we go home with guys who aren't that great instead of waiting a few months for someone better. It's why we eat a bag of potato chips now instead of cooking a healthy meal.

It's why we distract ourselves with things we know are bad for us, instead of working for things that are good. 

Self-love is hard, but it's necessary for a happy life. 

So look at every little decision you make as a mini-challenge that will get you one step closer to being a stronger version of yourself. Make every move one build out of an intent to do better rather than what sounds good right now. 

It may feel like you're missing out in the moment, but you'll thank yourself in the long run.