I Don't Need Anyone Who Doesn't Need Me

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Love, Self

Thanks, but no thanks.

For some weird reason (romance movies, probably), there's an unspoken belief out there that the end goal for all women is to lock down man.

Well, let me be the first to tell you, that idea is so far from the truth. 

Sure, on some level we all want to be in healthy relationships for the cool constant love and adoration benefit, but many of us ladies have realized that the cons usually outweigh the pros.Guys aren't super reliable, it's easy for us to get hurt, and sometimes it all just feels like a big fat waste of time. 

The stronger the woman becomes, the less she cares about having a boyfriend. 

Once a lady progresses into this awesome, self-love filled way of thinking, she's a lot harder to catch. She's not going to put up with any games. She's not going wait around. 


Because let's be real: relationships are full of bullshit.

They're only worth getting into if you find someone's bullshit you want to deal with. Strong women know that, so they are very, very picky about the men they date. 

We're don't need anyone who doesn't need us. Keep that in mind when you feel like playing hard to get or acting like you're unavailable. The moment we feel like we're coming in second, we walk away.

Waiting around for someone who isn't being straight up about how they feel is useless. It just makes you look desperate and clingy, and that's not what being a strong woman is about. 


We've done the work required to find self-love and confidence. We've learned how to be single and happy. So we really don't need you at all. 

So if you find yourself lucky enough to have captivated the attention of a strong woman, be sure you don't waste her time.

She'll appreciate your honesty and directness whether you're telling her you to want to be with her or that you're just wanting to keep things casual. 

And whatever you do, don't expect her to need you just because you're there.

Because she doesn't.