9 Times Samantha Bee Was The Outspoken HERO Women Need

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Bee the change you want to see in the universe

If you don't know who Samantha Bee is, it's time for that change. 

Wave the feminist banner high! Sister friend is a woman I'm happy to have as a voice for feminism. 

Bee got her start on The Daily Show as the first permanent female staffer, where she was correspondent who made us laugh (and think, yo!) for twelve years.

Talk about loyal.

Now has her own AMAZING show over on TBS called Full Frontal and it is running veritable circles in the ratings around Trevor Noah's incarnation of The Daily Show. 

Samantha Bee is Canadian by birth but loves America so much that she became a naturalized citizen.

Her outside perspective and her passion for history, government, and social sciences make her the perfect commentator on the madness that is the American political news cycle and media in general. 

If you love smart, well-researched, left-leaning satirical news, Samantha Bee is where it's at. 

She's irreverent, she's passionate, she's funny and she cares — a truly rare combination if you stop and think about it. 

She says all of the stuff that most of us are too timid to say, and when she does it makes one heck of impact. Here are 9 times she put the world on blast that we won't soon forget. 

1. Hypocrisy, thy name is Cruz. 

Cruz's anti-choice stance is notorious. Incest and rape be damned, he wants a pregnant woman to stay pregnant. When he dropped out of the race, Samantha Bee used his own logic against him. 

2. Hmm, sounds strangely familiar, doesn't it? 

I love that in one tweet and one tweet alone, Samantha Bee was able to call out hunters, the wealthy, and Donald Trump's sexist and abusive attitude towards women. The BEST! 

3.  YAS, Scotland, YAS!

What's better than reading all of the tweets penned by Scottish folks who fumed when Trump thought they voted for Brexit? Having Scottish actor David Tennant read those tweets TO us. 

4. Talk about taking on the man...

When her own network, TBS, shared a sexist video about Hillary Clinton's laugh, Bee hit them back with the best tweet ever "Delete your account." They didn't, but they did delete their tweet. 

5. Samantha Bee for president 

If you haven't watched Samantha Bee's send up of Donald Trump's now infamous "grab them by the pussy" tape yet, you need to get on that STAT. 

6. Now THAT'S how you filibuster 

During the filibuster in protest of increasing gun violence in the USA, Samantha Bee live tweeted up a storm. She even offered up free grub, because governmental work makes a person HUNGRY. 

7.  The sexiest ticket ever? Probably 

I never thought I could look at a glossy black and white shot of Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton and become aroused, but here we are, guys. Here we are. 

8. Who knew rape kits could be funny? 

The fact that so many rape kits in the United States go untested and unprocessed every single year is a travesty. Samanatha Bee underlined the issue AND made us laugh. That, my friends, is an accomplishment. 

9. Jeb Bush...as envisioned by fake Werner Herzog 

Remember the good ol' days when Jeb Bush was the "crazy" Republican candidate for President? Samantha Bee does, in this tremendous parody. 

10. "Money, it's like Venmo, but for old people."   

Samantha Bee doesn't let anyone off the hook, old, young, racist, or sexist. 

11. The true king of late night is...  

When Vanity Fair did its round up of late night hosts they made a critical error leaving out Bee. But she took it in stride and responded in kind... BECAUSE SHE IS THE BEST.

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