How You Reacted To Brangelina's Divorce Reveals Your Love Philosophy

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How you reacted reveals more about YOU then them.

Oh, the demise of another one-name couple. Are you annoyed by the Brangelina news? Perhaps excited? Maybe even sad or devastated?

Whether you know it or not, you've got a love philosophy. Put simply, it's what you think about love, like what it is, how to achieve it and maintain it. We develop these philosophies from what we've learned from our families, religions and culture.

How you are reacting to the whole Brangelina divorce debacle can tell you about the nuts and bolts of your love philosophy.

1. If you're completely destroyed over it... 

Are you completely destroyed that Brad and Angelina are over? Have you been watching the media updates and crying into pints of rocky road ice cream? If so, you are a romantic who believes that true love never dies. And it appears that Brangelina's love has evaporated over the week, so of course you feel horrible.

If only they had had true love, they never would have split up. That's how you evaluate your own relationships — when things start to fall apart, you let go quickly, because you can't waste time on a man who is not your true love. You are determined to find the real deal.

2. If you exploded with applause and "I told you sos..."

Did you explode with applause and nod your head up and down vigorously when the story broke? Did you tell your friends you knew it was bound to happen because once a cheater, always a cheater? Back when Brad and Jennifer Aniston split because he had cheated on her with Angelina, you were sure that Aniston would have her vengeance, because you knew Brad would stray again.

You are untrusting in relationships and always keep a close eye on your boyfriend; if you catch him cheating, that will be the absolute end of the relationship for good. Forgiveness is not something you have any patience for.

3. If you were genuinely surprised...

Did you react with surprise, but then have a sense of hopefulness of them kissing and making up in another week? You are someone who understands that love is not simple or cut and dry to explain. Love is messy, just like life.

You refuse to believe that the divorce will go through. Angelina will reconsider, Brad will prove himself worthy and then the divorce will be off. You roll with the punches in your own relationships and are willing to look past faults and bumps because you know this is simply the cost of being in love. You've seen it in your own relationship — you've weathered tougher storms than Brangelina; you have faith in love.

4. If you felt anxious...

If your brain kicked into high gear and you felt anxious, it's likely that you immediately began Googling Brad and Angelina's relationship for clues to what led up to the split. You are someone who believes love is predictable and follows certain patterns that you can discover.

Brad and Angelina must have shown signs of stress and trouble for months now; you know you will find the evidence. You try to figure out your own relationships by predicting your boyfriend's behaviors and thoughts to figure out if he really loves you. You make decisions about love based on what your mind tells you, not your heart. This does cause you to get anxious often because you're always trying to predict the future.

5. If you felt sad over the whole mess...

Did you release a sigh of sadness when you read the headlines about Brangelina? Did you feel sorry for them, but also kind of like they brought it on themselves? You think couples need to work deeply on themselves and their relationship, which takes time and closeness to do.

How could any jet-setting celebrity couple expect their relationship to last? One or the other is always off on a movie set, while the other is halfway around the world appearing on a talk show. You take your own relationship seriously by spending intimate time together every day, reading relationship books and attending couples' weekends.

6. If you felt vindicated...

You laughed your butt off and felt surges of adrenaline when you read about the demise of Brangelina. You are vindicated yet again. Love is just a load of bull manufactured by greeting card companies and chocolate makers.

Of course their relationship did not last because this whole idea of love and monogamy just isn't doable. You can't stay with one person forever because love is temporary. You have never stayed in a relationship for more than three months because as soon as the initial buzz of fun and newness wears off, you move on. True love? You roll your eyes at that notion.

7. If you screamed in rage: HOW COULD SHE...

You screamed in rage when you saw the news about Angelina filing for divorce. How could she split up with a man who is gorgeous, talented and all kinds of perfect? The only reason to end a marriage when kids are involved, is never.

You don't care if they were miserable; they should have made a greater effort, gone to counseling and tried to salvage their love. You would never split up a marriage unless abuse was involved. When you say "I do," it's forever.

8. If you were completely perplexed...

Did you react with a stunned gasp when you saw the photos of Brad and Angelina with the shocking headlines? Were you completely perplexed by how it could have ended? We are talking about two of the hottest humans in the world. They both ooze sex appeal without even trying. How could it not have worked out?

Love is all about chemistry and Brangelina was bursting with passion in all the photos you've seen. You've had relationships end before, of course, but it was because there hadn't been enough heat between the two of you. Your mind is still reeling at how that hot flame could have burned out.

9. If you didn't give a sh*t at all...

Wait, what? Brangelina who? You mean some celebrity couple who I don't know and don't give a sh*t about is getting divorced? I'm supposed to care, why?

If the conversation going on in your head right now resembles this at all, you are most likely in a seriously healthy relationship, so much so that you don't have time to read celebrity gossip on the Internet. You don't like to stick your nose into other couples' relationships. You think everyone should just leave these folks alone to work out their problems in private. As for you, you've got better things to do, like spending time with your wonderful husband and kids.

Well, the story probably isn't over yet. We'll be finding out more details about the demise of Brangelina in the coming weeks.

Keep a watch and see if your predictions about their love come true. And then maybe, you can learn something new to integrate into your own love philosophy.