28 Sex Acts You MUST Explore Before You Die!

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28 Sex Games To Play With Your Partner (And Friends!)

“What’s on your list?” Sasha asked me.

“I’m … um … my list?”

“Your to-do list. You know, swing lifestyle to-dos.

“Oh! I hadn’t really thought about it.”

“Well, you should. Tell some nice people your list, and they’re gonna want to help you check things off …”

She winked.


So, I thought, why don’t we, as a swingset, compile a “Master Swingset To-do List?”  

I decided to get things started with some of my personal sexual wish-list items, along with some from my friends — and you guys can submit your own to help us all go from Vanilla to Sex God in a few just a few easy checks off of the list!

We’re gonna be getting graphic, so put on your hazmat suit and goggles.  

(Though, I’ve been told the goggles, they do nothing!)


1. Voyeurism: Both of you watch another couple.

2. Voyeurism: One of you watches your partner with another person.

3. Exhibitionism: You perform for someone else online.

4. Exhibitionism Live: You perform for someone else in person.

5. Threesome: FFM (Female, Female, Male).

6. Threesome: MFM (Male, Female, Male).

7. Foursome: Couple + Couple.

8. Moresome Five plus people … Orgy style!

9. Anal sex: Nuff said.

10. DP: Double Penetration (mouth + vagina).

11. DP: Double Penetration (vagina + anal).

12. DVP: Double Vaginal Penetration (2 penises + one vagina).

13. DAP: Double Anal Penetration (2 penises + one ass = BE CAREFUL!).

14. Airtight: Mouth, vagina and anal.

15. Bukakke: Lots of men orgasming on one person.

16. Gang Bang: More than three guys on one woman.

17. Dual Blow Job.

18. Girl-on-Girl oral.

19. Strap-on Play: (Girl + Girl).

20. Pegging: Strap-on Play, but Girl + Guy.

21. Guy-on-Guy blow job.

22. Guy-on-Guy anal sex.

23. Hall Pass: You are allowed to go on a date and/or have sex with someone without your partner being present.

24. Rimming: Analingus.

25. BDSM: As a Dominant.

26. BDSM: As a submissive.

27. Boob sex.

28. Lights-Off Orgy.


So those are (or were at one time — hehehe ...) on the list we my friends and I put together. 

What’s on yours, and what do you think we forgot?

Let us know!

Listen now: There are few acts in the pantheon of sexuality that carry with them so much intrigue, coveting, and fear — such as double penetration and its more advanced siblings, double vaginal and double anal. For one thing, these really can’t be done in a monogamous relationship. Oh sure, we can use dildos and such things, but that’s not really where the intrigue lies, does it? On this episode of Life on the Swingset: The Podcast, we discuss double penetration or “DP” in its many forms and talk other varsity level sexual moves.

This article was originally published at Life on the Swingset. Reprinted with permission from the author.