Blow His Mind By Bringing These 3 Epic Sex Games Into Your Bedroom

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'Naughty Maid' And More Hot Role-Playing Sex Games

Having a fun, interesting, and exciting sex life is crucial for your relationship. That's exactly why I want to teach you these three fun, exciting, naughty and sometimes dirty sex games to play with your man. While they may be a little on the racy side, I hope they give you an idea of what is possible when it comes to keeping things fun.




This first dirty sex game to play with your man is not as crazy as the other two but is still incredible for building sexual tension, turning your partner on, and even turning yourself on. The idea behind the Naked Butler is that your man is going to be your very own personal butler for a few hours or even a few days.

As you have probably already guessed, your man isn't going to be clothed for the duration of the game. How much he wears is entirely up to you. He doesn't necessarily have to be completely naked either. He could just be wearing briefs or even briefs and a wife beater. The key is that he is wearing something that he's comfortable in.

Next, you need to assign him different tasks to perform for you. Here are a few examples:

  • Fetch you a drink
  • Give you a massage
  • Run a bath for you
  • Massage your feet
  • Cook your favorite meal
  • Clean the house for you
  • Kiss you all over your body
  • Go down on you

The key is to keep it fun. Remember that's actually the whole point of this sex game: fun and excitement! So make sure to tease and play with your man during the game. The last thing you want is your man doing these things without any passion. 

Once you play The Naked Butler with your man, it's time to flip this dirty game around and become his Naked Maid. The rules for playing the Naked Maid are identical to the rules for the Naked Butler, except this time you are the one serving him. Fortunately, you have way more choice as to what you wear when being his maid.

If you want you can be completely naked but if you'd prefer to be more dressed up, you can wear something like a bra and a pair of knickers. If you are feeling even more adventurous then try some lingerie. In other words, wear anything that feels hot, sexy and fun! Then the really good stuff starts, you need to start following some sexy orders from your man! 



The Strong Man is a dirty sex game that requires a huge amount of communication before you start playing to make sure that you are both on the same page and that neither of you does anything that you are not comfortable with. Before you start playing it, you both need to agree on a safe word that either of you can use at any time to let your partner know that you want him to stop what he's doing.

The basic premise of the Strong Man is that your man is going to gently try and have his way with you while you try your best to fight him off. But remember if he gets a little too excited or starts acting weird, then make sure to use your safe word.

The Strong Man can be an incredibly hot and sexy thing to try out, especially if you like the idea of your man taking you or having his way with you. A lot of couples find that one partner trying to gently fight off the other can make everything feel a lot more passionate, naughty, and dirty.

And don't forget, you can flip the game around and try to take advantage of your man too, you can become the Strong Woman! Lastly, remember to always use a safe word in case things get out of hand.



This last dirty game is definitely a lot kinkier than the average massage you might give or receive. To perform the Helpless Massage on your man, you are going to need to do a little preparation, and again, you are going to need to use a safeword.

First, you need something to tie his hands and feet to the four corners of the bed with. You can use something like stockings if you want, but if you'd like to be even more kinky, then you can buy specific restraints just for this.

Next, you are going to need a to put a blindfold on your man so that he can't see anything, and finally you are going to carefully put ear plugs in his ears so that he can't hear a sound. This all works best with your man lying on his back.

When you are all set up, the last thing that you'll need is a good massage oil. Coconut oil is the best, but any will do. All you need to do is slowly massage your man, from his feet all the way up to his neck and arms. In case you haven't already guessed, you should also pay a lot of attention to his more sensitive areas, aka his groin, testicles, and penis.

Don't forget to get your man to reciprocate with this kinky, dirty sex game too! Please remember that this is a dirty sex game that you will need to use a safeword with.

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