3 Sizzling Hot Sex Games You've NEVER Tried Before

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3 Sizzling Hot Sex Games You've Never Tried Before

Ever been in a relationship with a wonderful guy that slowly started to get really boring, especially in the bedroom? If you're like most people, then this has happened to you at least once. A fabulous way to stop things from getting boring is to try playing some hot adult sex games with him. Here are 3 of the hottest.

1. Strawberries & Champagne... With A Twist

There is something very hot about feeding your man and having him feed you, especially when it's a food that's associated with sex. The great thing about strawberries and champagne is that they are quite clean and not really that messy when compared to things like oysters which can stink and chocolate which can melt and ruin your sheets.

Just feeding each other using your hands is not going to make for a particularly hot sex game. A way to make this sex game much hotter is to have your man eat the strawberries off your body. You can even try pouring a small amount of champagne on your body and getting him to lick it off. Some great places to put the strawberries on your body are between your legs, on your breasts and even on your butt!

You can even try pouring a small amount of champagne into your mouth and start kissing your man. Even better... take a small amount of champagne into your mouth and then go down on your man and give him some oral sex.

2. The 'Don't Orgasm' Game

I know that you may have been expecting some hot tips on how to give great oral sex, but this next one is probably the hottest adult sex game I have created. The purpose of the game is to make your man reach an orgasm faster than you can. The winner is the person who orgasms last.

The loser then has to do a forfeit like cooking the winner a meal or paying for a nice date. Usually, the easiest way to play the game is in the 69 position where each of you has the other's genitals in your face.

This is especially fun if both you and your man are close and enjoy joking with each other. This is because when your man is about to reach orgasm, he will be desperately trying not to cum. He will usually try to pull away from you, which means that you need to pull him in even closer to make sure he does! Meanwhile, he will be doing the exact same thing to you.

This physical playfulness makes this sex game incredibly hot as it builds a lot of tension. You can actually play the "Don't Orgasm" game in practically any position when you're having sex, but the best position for playing it by far is when you're 69ing as both of you are in a fair position to deliver and receive pretty much the same amount of pleasure.

3. The Sex Position Checklist

Most couples make the mistake of falling into what I call a "sex routine" where they end up using the same positions (hello, missionary!) in the same places (the bedroom) over and over. It usually starts because the couple enjoys those positions the most. The sad thing is that using the same sex positions over and over means that you are going to quickly make them seem boring.

To break out of this routine, I always suggest creating a sex position checklist for a week or a month or however long you want. You are both going to be working as a team to try and complete this checklist before the end date you have set.

So what kinds of positions can you include on the checklist? Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • In the kitchen, from behind
  • Spooning on the sofa
  • A whole night of doggy style in the bedroom
  • The Piledriver position, then the Deckchair position, then afterward, the Octopus position

What you choose is obviously up to you and your man. Just remember to tick each one off the list when you're done.


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