16 Stunning Quotes By This Insta-Poet Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

Love, Heartbreak

The strength in her words will give you hope.

You could travel to every corner of the world and find 100 people who would all probably give you different answers to the question, what is love? That’s the beauty of love, it cannot be so easily defined, but it can be so easily felt.

It's the best and worst thing that can happen to a person. I think everyone who has ever been in love can agree.

But I also think that most people can agree it’s better to have loved and been loved than to not have loved at all. And no one knows that better than Instagram poet Madalyn Beck. By day she works for an international company as a web and software developer, but by night she delves into the depths of her soul and somehow manages to put into words what she finds. She then shares her findings via Instagram to her almost 22,000 followers.

Photo by: Jessica Burns, All The Feels Photography.

She finds inspiration for her writing from all aspects of life, including other Instagram poets like R.M. Drake, Christopher Poindexter, and Beau Taplin, who continue to inspire her with their smooth prose, honesty, and their utter simplicity.

“I don’t seek inspiration. It slams into me,” she says.

Much like love slams into us. We don’t always have control over whom we love (this is why it can be the worst). The heart wants what it wants and trying to understand why, is like trying to make sense of why we all exist.

You just can’t make sense of love, yet somehow Madalyn Beck has managed to convey the emotional complexity of love and heartbreak.

Her minimalistic approach to poetry keeps in line with what she believes poetry should be. “There are some who feel that writing should be filled with big words and complex meanings. But my thought is this: Honesty is not complex. It simply comes from the heart.”

And honestly, you’ll have a hard time getting through her poetry without feeling ALL the feels.

Read through these 16 poems and prepare to be moved (maybe even to tears) by the way she has captured into words the way love and pain sometimes go hand in hand.

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On not pretending to be someone for someone else.
Photo: Madalyn Beck

I know I'm not what he wants, But I'm all I have dreamed of being, And that is all I'll ever need. —Madalyn Beck

On what heartbreak is like.
Photo: Madalyn Beck

I still have splinters in my skin from the last heartwreck I was in. —Madalyn Beck

On how to be loved.
Photo: Madalyn Beck 

Love me like lightning, kiss me like rain... —Madalyn Beck

On what being in love is like.
Photo: Madalyn Beck

We free fall in a kaleidoscope of sin and show hell the beauty of faith while heaven watches the fall into passion, and we make both worlds jealous. —Madalyn Beck

On how to break up with someone.
Photo: Madalyn Beck

When burning bridges, be careful not to torch the person on the other side. They were meant for something, just not you. —Madalyn Beck

On being meant for someone.
Photo: Madalyn Beck

Yes, I'm not easy to love, but one day, someone somewhere out there might just be brave enough to touch my hardness, caress my darkness, and sleep in my scars. —Madalyn Beck

On never forgetting someone.
Photo: Madalyn Beck

They told me with time the memories would fade, but the memory of him, of us, lives in my heart and will only pass when I do. —Madalyn Beck

On "falling" in love.
Photo: Madalyn Beck

I don't want to fall in love ever again, this time I deserve to rise up with it.  —Madalyn Beck

On what makes relationships work.
Photo: Madalyn Beck

The best relationships, and the strongest, come from the brutal honesty we give, not only to each other, but ourselves. —Madalyn Beck

On what real love is.
Photo: Madalyn Beck

He tickled my fancy but that was it, and if he can't make bones rattle and shake he'll never have more than skin in his hands. —Madalyn Beck

On how silence can sometimes say more than words.
Photo: Madalyn Beck

It's not always about the words. Sometimes it's about the silence. —Madalyn Beck

On how to make it out alive in a relationship.
Photo: Madalyn Beck

There are times when the only way to survive is to kick a man when he's down and run like hell with what little remains of your mental state, and if you're lucky, your heart. —Madalyn Beck

On the aftermath of breaking up.
Photo: Madalyn Beck

I've lost the will to love the strength to trust the desire for another first kiss, but I'll let you know if I wake up missing you. —Madalyn Beck

On being lonely in a relationship.
Photo: Madalyn Beck

I wish my words would grasp his soul the way his silence penetrates mine. —Madalyn Beck

On facing the truth.
Photo: Madalyn Beck

I didn't know what to say as you sat across the table laying out the truth you kept locked away I didn't know what to say because really words would only contaminate this moment of raw honesty. For the first time, I was getting the realness of what lurks  in the corners and whispers my name. Truth. The only truth I know now is that we probably won't make it out alive. I didn't know what to say... —Madalyn Beck

On remembering what once was.
Photo: Madalyn Beck

He made love to me Between the pages Of my favorite books But when the story ended, He faded away Into a distant memory That I reread round Of his fictional love. —Madalyn Beck