10 Ways 'Sex And The City' Is Still Relevant AF

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The friendships, the sex talk ... it all still WORKS.

Yes, I’m one of THOSE women who grew up on Sex and The City and believed whole-heartedly that I would live in a huge Manhattan apartment, have my own column, and drink martinis with my friends five nights a week. 


Of course, that’s not how my life turned out. But the show remains a classic and a comfort; when I’m down, I’ll hop on over to HBO and binge watch MY show. (FYI: It's included on Amazon Prime!)

I call it “my” show because everyone in my circle knows that I can recite every word and perform every scene from every episode by heart.

OK, maybe I shouldn’t be divulging that because that sounds pathetic, right? 


You know how everyone thinks they’re a Miranda or a Carrie or a Samantha? Why does no one ever admit to being a Charlotte? That’s weird.

Anyway, I’ve always thought I was a Miranda with a mix of Carrie. I’m a workaholic, but I’m not a lawyer. 

I’m a writer. I also over analyze things to an extreme, much like Carrie does during her post-Big days.

So, maybe I’m a Carrie with a little bit of Miranda? Who knows. I’m starting to sound like a Mambo No. 5 lyric. 

Because I’m a nut, I took one of those quizzes to see which character I am, and I landed on Carrie. It states: 

"As Carrie, you are notoriously led by your emotions. You often behave in a selfish manner but you are a realist about the difficulties of relationships. You are a romantic on an endless search for true love, and you refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies.”

That’s pretty freakin’ accurate. If you want to take the quiz for yourself, you can find it here: 


But in the mean time, let’s discuss why this show is still SO damn relatable!

1. We're all searching for love.


Haven't we all, at one point or another, been so frustrated with the dating scene that we feel like giving up? Well, the women in the show feel the same way throughout the series. Charlotte, honey, we've been there!

2. We all have THAT friend!


You know who I'm talking about! The one friend who's (un)happily settled in her life and always nudges you, "So, when are you going to get married?" or "You should be working on having kids NOW. You're not getting any younger." Thanks for the talk. It's been fun! *eye roll*

3. Sometimes we just can't control our emotions.


We try to play it cool, but sometimes ... we can't. We are a generation of people who hold back their true feelings for fear of getting hurt. Those feelings bottle up and eventually blow, like when Carrie confronted Big about not including her in his plans.

4. Then there are times we just need a BREAK from people.


In a world where we are all constantly ON, it's nice to turn off distractions for a while and read a book, magazine, or just binge watch your favorite show (*ahem* Sex and The City *ahem*). Miranda's got it down!

5. Some of us just like to have sex. Deal with it!


We all have a little Samantha in us, right? Don't deny it. You like penis, I like penis. We all LOVE penis!

6. We all judge others.


You judge. I judge. It's just human nature. We compare ourselves to other people, especially with social media making it so much easier to do so. No shame in the game. We feel you, Stanford.

7. We've all missed a girls night to be with a man.


We try not to, but sometimes it's so HARD to resist a really awesome booty call. Your friends will understand, just like Samantha's do!

8. We've all been broken up with in really awful ways!


OK! Maybe we haven't been broken up with over a Post-It note (or maybe we have?) like Carrie, but again, with social media, it makes it so much easier to avoid the whole awkward confrontation. Confession: I've broken up with someone over AOL IM. I'm sorry. I can't. Don't hate me!

9. We're never satisfied.


Carrie finally moves in with Aidan, and she's had enough. Just like us, you know, normal people. We get what we want, then don't want it anymore.

10. And then, sometimes we stumble.


Like Carrie, we all fall eventually. But it's the fact we get back up, stronger and braver, that counts!