Yes, This Is A Head Hammock For Napping On Planes — And It's GENIUS


We'll take one in every color, thanks.

If you're a traveler, then you're already aware of this dilemma. You're sitting in a car, train, or plane for several hours, exhausted and in need of some shut eye. Sleeping in a moving vehicle has its ups and downs. On the one hand, the movement of the vehicle can soothe you, like you're being rocked to sleep. But on the other hand, your neck just can't get comfortable with the angle

Enter the NodPod. Made from memory foam and velcro, this pillow is a support for your head — like a mini-hammock — so you can get comfortable while traveling.

"You don't have any forward head motions," said creator Paula Blankenship to The Huffington Post. "It looks ugly, but it feels fantastic. I just came back from London, and I have never in my life slept on a flight. I slept the entire trip."

Photo: NodPod

According to Medical Daily, the best position to sleep to remain healthy and avoid back problems is by sleeping on your back

"Sleeping on our back makes it easier for our head, neck, and spine to align and keep it in a neutral position. No extra pressure or curves are being added to the back," says the article.

Sleeping on your side is also good, but it comes it with its own health issues, dependng on which side. And although sleeping sitting up on a car, train, or plane is possible if you find a comfortable position, there are a few caveats.

"Sitting motionless with bent limbs for more than a couple of hours can lead to the development of deep vein thrombosis, a type of blood clotting in large veins which can be fatal if it travels to the lungs," says a piece on Slate.


According to the NodPod's product description, it "provides the solution to amazing sleep while traveling by recreating how you sleep on a bed, but in an upright position."

If you want to sleep in comfort, Blankenship has created a Kickstarter to make this product a true reality. Happy sleeping!